How can i remove the factory mode on my device?

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Aug 21, 2020
How can i remove the factory mode on my device, which is not allowing me to enter recovery mode?

When i turn my device on and hold the volume up button, instead of booting to recovery mode, the device boots into factory mode (which has a chinese factory mode menu). Due to this i cannot enter recovery mode without plugging the device into the PC and then running adb/fastboot then booting to recovery mode. Hence should anything go wrong with my device and it doesnt boot fully, i will be stuck with no access to a recovery mode. (as i wouldnt be able to use adb to get to the recovery mode)

P.S ive tried all combinations of buttons (i.e holding volume down as well with the power button) and it still goes to factory mode rather than recovery mode.

It is a mediatek device, can i unpack and make changes to the boot.img/system.img and then repack them and flash it back onto the device to resolve the issue or is there another way where i can boot to recovery mode without having to load up adb/fastboot first?