How Do I Unlock North American Version ROG 3


Jan 20, 2021
EDIT: Apologies. Apparently, even though I had already done an update and check twice for any more new ones, my phone had not pulled its latest update and therefore the unlock app was not working. Everything is good now and mods can delete my post.


I got my North American version ROG 3 today and immediately set out to load up the unofficial LineageOS ROM from these forums.

Naturally, the first thing I did was enable developer mode and activate usb debugging and then kept scrolling to find OEM Unlock. However, this option is missing. Very odd and worrisome.

I thought maybe since this phone unlocks the bootloader with an apk, that perhaps the option was not needed.

I downloaded the unlock app from ASUS’s web site but every time I use it, it says it cannot unlock the phone and to try again later.

So my question is: How the heck do I unlock the phone?

Any help is appreciated. I’m not super knowledgeable but I’m fairly familiar with the process of installing custom roms. However the last time I did this was about 3 years ago so I’m a bit rusty. Just giving a frame or reference.

Thank you so much again, everyone.
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