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How does an app identify my phone?

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Feb 24, 2013
So there's this app I like using called whisper.

Occasionally it would have this bug that made it unusable. The only way to fix it was to clear cache, delete all the folders it creates(it creates a folder on the root of your phone where it stores your account data[I'm assuming]), and reinstall.

Recently I got this bug again and I can't fix it. And I'm positive it has to do with the fact that it's my phone as it works perfectly on everyone else's phone and on emulators.

So what I'm saying is if I completely wiped and factory reset my phone I'm sure it would work again. But doing that and setting everything back up is extremely annoying. I want to delete all previous traces of this app on my phone so I could do a completely clean install and hopeful solve the bug.

Almost like a targeted factory reset. So in the eyes of the app my phone would be completely new.
I've tried almost everything including wiping my ART cache to deep searching my root for the app name and deleting all the folders returned to changing my device I.D. and IMEI

tldr; How to delete all previous traces of a specific app, almost simulating a factory reset as far as the specific app is concerned.