How does fingerprint scanner compare to iPhone in terms of success rate?

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May 7, 2010
I know that mechanically, the S5 fingerprint scanner works DIFFERENTLY than the iPhone. But I'm curious how it compares in terms of reliability. For many people, the iPhone fingerprint scanner works virtually 100% of the time, so it is very quick and easy to unlock phone.

How is it on the Samsung Galaxy S5? Are you constantly having to reswipe your finger and readjust your grip to get it to work? Or, once you get the hang of it, does it reliably work the first time, every time?

Especially interested in hearing from people who have used both the S5 and an iPhone touch ID.

Simon Hammers

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Jul 1, 2014
In order for it to ever be as good as the iPhone finger print scanner would they have to make some hardware upgrades or would it just be work with the software?
It's awful. Hardly ever gets mine right and I've scanned multiple fingers multiple times.

The trick is to scan just one finger multiple times. For example, you need to scan your thumb 3 ways - swiping down with the phone laying on a table, swiping down the way you would normally swipe with one hand and swiping down at an angle. This way the scanner will work much better, because it will have registered your finger in all possible situations you might swipe :)

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Dec 30, 2009
Yeah I know that and have done. It's just a crap fingerprint sensor. OP is comparing to the iPhone. TouchID works flawlessly.


Dec 1, 2014
I second the previous posters comment on Touch ID, it is unbelievably impressive. It's worth the extra configuration time when you choose finger print scanning. My worry is that this may be patented to Apple? If so, is there an alternative for Android?


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Dec 28, 2012
TouchID is easier to use and more accurate.. Its like put your hand in your pocket and your thump on the button and it just works.. While on S5, you have to swipe and sometimes it doesn't work, won't use it for my lock screen, still would use it for private mode