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How does the GPS photo mode work on the camera?

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Senior Member
Oct 2, 2007
I wonder if anyone can help, I've used the GPS photo mode and it seems to be working fine turning on my gps and then taking the photograph. But what happens after that I've looked at the pictures and can't see any gps info and nothing new in the properties. I can't seem to find any help searching in google. After reading this forum for the past couple of weeks I've learnt so much I'm hoping somebody out there can help me;)


Senior Member
Mar 13, 2005
The GPS information is only visible in the EXIF data hidden in the picture. You can access this information with programs like Adobe Bridge, Opanda EXIF and other such programs.

Its not until you start doing something like uploading your picture to the various Geotagging photo sites that it gets interesting. Right now though it seems like the more popular one, Flickr, is having trouble with the Diamond EXIF and it wont work, but some other site might work for you.


Senior Member
Dec 9, 2007
Athens, Greece
Hmmm never thought of using this but it may be nice... Is there a list of sites that support GPS metadata? I have some Picasa albums set up (and uploaded), but I just read about problems with Picasa deleting the GPS metadata?


Senior Member
Mar 15, 2009
resco photo manager can do it, plus it open google map with the picture position. It can add the gps position on any picture too.
A nice piece of software.
However, i folowed these steps :
Go to HKLM\Software\HTC\Camera\P10
set "Enable" to "1

But i doesn't seems to work. Is it another special option to enable ?