how good is chinese tablet durability?

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Jan 8, 2012
Hi i wanting to buy a cheap chinese android tablet for games and work but curious with the durability,because i will use it for long maybe 2 year so, anyone who have experience with cheap chinese tablet since 2010 please share your experience.Does it durable enough and lasting for 1 or 2 year maybe? or ussually have problem after using for few months?

My target was Ainol elf 2,ainol is known top chinese tablet maker so i think the quality surely good compared to cheap OEM tablet.My uncle said that chinese tablet ussually broke with in few month due to low quality battery and become junk after that because cant be repaired(no service for china tablet in my country). And well ..... used ainol elf 2 sold at 80$ here and 80$ in my country is quite amount of money.I dont want my 80$ become useless after few month.

so if anyone have opinion or experience please share it
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