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how important is it to have security patches?

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New member
Sep 15, 2021
Hello,its my first post in XDA and it is about something that I have asked myself many times, my phone is about 2 years old and the security patches were hardly ever updated, in fact they are from January, I have searched on internet and I have read some posts but none of them makes it clear to me if for someone who only uses some google applications, whatsapp, chrome, a wallet with very little money and 4 google play apps it is so extremely dangerous to have a smartphone with old security patches? I mean, am I at risk for that as if someone can infect my phone just because it is connected to the internet? without me installing any malicious app? :) well, I hope that you understood well what I explained here since I am not a native English speaker :) I would appreciate if someone could explain a little more about the subject of security patches, what extent security patches are very important and what extent it can become more like a psychosis of wanting to have the latest security patch? 🤨 I ask all these questions because once a friend installed a custom rom that I loved, I really loved (I don't know why I asked him to return the phone as it was when I bought it) but I know that the last time it was updated was in December, so that rom must have even older patches (from December 2020) and I also know that it uses a custom kernel that was also somewhat outdated, it is very dangerous for me to use a rom that the kernel is old and security patches old?


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Jun 23, 2020

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