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How is your battery life

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Nov 17, 2011
Anyone with an xt1060 on Verizon figured out what the deal is with major cell standby drain on 5.1? Or at least having this issue?

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yup - it's when the phone is connected to wifi. the cell standby refers to mobile data not connected. although it appears big, its not really draining the phone's battery all that much more.

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    Mine has been good! Yesterday I had Data on, WiFi on, GPS on (All day), Auto Sync on, and Auto Brightness

    Played Candy crush, texted a lot, made 3 phone calls, and recorded 5 minutes worth of video and these are my results!

    Beats my HTC One, S4 and iPhone 5 anytime!
    Setting for Battery Life

    I've read through a lot of the thread, but it was just too long!... Anways, I just want to share my settings for you folks with issues. I was able to go from 3 hours screen on time with a full day's use, to 6 hours screen on time and 36+hours of use. Here is what I did.

    For my phone, the things that absolutely kill battery are, in order: NLP Wakelock (network location provider), Facebook, Instagram. These three things would keep my phone awake 50% of the total time it was on battery.

    Obviously, many of us know how to Greenify Facebook and Instagram. However, we don't want to greenify Location Services (which calls NLP Wakelock) because once greenified I would have to go in an turn location services on, then off again to make it work. My recommendation is to use App Ops (an Xposed module) and then go into Location Services, and turn off ability for Location Services to "Keep phone awake".

    This still allows apps to use location services, and still use the NLP when your screen is on and awake, but not when the screen is off and the phone wants to go to sleep. After I did this, NLP went from 3 hours of keep awake, to 2 minutes.

    A word of caution. After I did the above, Google Now still works but Moto Assist doesn't always kick in. Moto Assist CONSTANTLY uses NLP Wakelock provider to determine when you are moving fast. It then assumes you're in a car and turns on Moto Assist. So if NLP Wakelock isn't keeping your phone awake, then it won't work as well. I don't really use Moto Assist so I can live without it.

    YMMV, but for me, it's made this phone a killer phone. I go 24hours+ with 5-6 hours SOT easily. All with Active Notifications, Camera double twist, and Touchless Controls still on.
    I'm writing a battery guide for the X. Hopefully it helps. This will be my first full blog post on it. I'm nervous, not even sure how it will help anyone. Anyway it will be on ramonmcnally.com when I'm done. Mainly experiences from talking with Moto and my own testing will be in the guide.

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    Here they are. Also, if you're familiar with Autostarts I would suggest going through and disabling all the stuff you don't want to run without your say so. It helps a lot, though I was getting great battery life before I did that.

    Love this phone btw. Between the Motorola Connect, hands free Google Now, excellent battery, and notifications we have a serious phone here.

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