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Question How motion mode works?

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Senior Member
Feb 3, 2007
there is a pxl 6 at the shop , so i had a look.
couldn t find anywhere an option for take a photo in "motion mode" , is it just activated depending of what you take a picture of?

quite sad to see that so many modes are missing , like timelapse, macro, long pause etc etc


Senior Member
Aug 4, 2015
It's hard to answer a question about a specific phone software feature when only about 50 people on planet earth have access to said phone and can't talk about it because of some bumbo jumbo embargo.

Even though, technically, there are already at least 2 people here on XDA that received their P6 early, I'd suggest if you really want to know, you just privately message them and ask them to try that feature out. You should be able to find them rather quickly by just scrolling through the last dozen threads here.