How much battery does AOD drain?

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May 3, 2011
Hi everyone!

In my case, AOD drains 3.2-3.6% battery per hour, and I was curious if the consumption can be lower.

How much battery does AOD drain for others, especially on stock OOS?

I'm currently using Evolution X. For the sake of experiment, I keep my system clean (pretty much no apps besides the pre-installed ones) and measure consumption overnight - just keep my phone still for 9 hours. With AOD off, the battery consumption is only 0.2% per hour. I tried turning on Airplane Mode and Idle Manager, and flashing different kernels, but the battery drain stays same.


Senior Member
Jun 23, 2020
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
Nope, and the phone actually stays in deep sleep for most of time. The battery drain is related to Always-On Display.
I don't know what's normal for that phone.
The stats you're showing if on my N10+'s indicate what I said. Typically always on AOD uses >1%@hr on my devices and even better with tap on.

Maybe the firmware it's self... or maybe it got corrupted. SEUs are rare but do happen. Clear caches and/or data if possible.
If you have a tap on AOD option, try that.