How much did you spend for smartphones ?


Sep 10, 2018
I think I have spent about 2000$ until now, but I must have the flagships in my pocket.
It's like an addiction.. Always having to have a flagship! I see all these "flagship killers" coming out but I don't want a budget flagship. Rather the full fat flagship!

In total I have probably spent around £2000 on smartphones over 6 years.


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Jan 9, 2016
These are the phones which I can remember right now, I'm sure I forgot some as the ones I didn't like I gave to one of my 4 brothers soon after purchasing them.
The prices are what I paid for them, roughly estimated when calculating the exchange rate from NOK to USD off the top.

Total price comes down to just over 18500 USD.

Nokia Lumia 920 - 550$
Nokia Lumia 1020 - 700$
HTC One (M8) - 650$
Huawei P8lite/P8 Lite - 300$
Huawei Nexus 6P - 600$
Huawei Ascend P7 - 520$
Huawei Mate 9 Pro 128GB - 750$
LG V10 - 700$
Sony Xperia Z1 - 620$
Sony Xperia Z2 - 650$
Sony Xperia Z3 - 700$
Sony Xperia Z3+ (Z4) - 700$
Sony Xperia Z5 Compact - 550$
Sony Xperia Z5 Premium - 900$
Sony Xperia XZ Premium - 800$
Razer Phone - 700$
Samsung Galaxy S - 450$
Samsung Galaxy S2 - 500$
Samsung Galaxy S III I9300 - 500$
Samsung Galaxy S4 - 600$
Samsung Galaxy S5 - 650$
Samsung Galaxy S6 - 650$
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus 64GB - 820$
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - 770$
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - 800$
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (2017 Phone) - 1150$
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Ocean Blue 512GB - 1250$


Dec 27, 2018
I've only ever had new devices in the USA. However, with the Sprint carrier, they have that lease program where I never truly own the phone. It's just an extra payment a month, usually $30-$40 USD extra a month. And within a year I can upgrade to a new device. I DO have the choice to pay it off and own it, but I kind of like being able to upgrade constantly at the end of the year. If I paid full price for each phone I've been there, oh boy. It would have to be over $3K USD! :crying:


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Dec 30, 2018
I don't remember exactly. About 500USD for 4 smartphones :))

I was just wondering how much I payed for smartphones (without of any carrier costs) in my live, so I did the maths and found out that I spent about 1900 € for new smartphones in the past 7 years. About 0.76 €/day.

So how about you? How much did you spend since your first smartphone? And please mention the country you're from and if you bought new or used devices.
I don't remember exactly. About 500USD for 4 smartphones :))