[HOW-TO] ADB for Dummies(How-To Learner's Guide)

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    My name is Joe aka AndroidSamurai.. I will be releasing more guides and media content in the weeks to come.

    I'm currently very busy with "life events(new baby)" and apologize for my absence.

    I will be updating this post since it was my original with a new guide updated to new SDK and Android methods.

    Thanks again,

    Android4D Inc
    ok, so i am in linux now, and i just noticed this guide was for windows.. lol can you or someone tell me how to install the SDK on linux?


    Found through Google...imagine that. :p
    If you never see the notification, navigate to the Device Manager(inside "System" in the control panel in XP and inside Device Manager on Vista).

    You will see ADB Android Device at the top of the list with a Yellow Icon beside it meaning the device is not working. Right-click on the device and select "Update Driver".

    Follow the dialogs that pop-up and navigate to where the unzipped drivers are at...

    You should be good to go from there... :D
    The "bashing" comments in my tutorial are directed towards the people with a true sense of humor. My tutorial was written to tell you how to simply complete a task and not to make you feel better about yourself. I do not get pleasure in abusing people's self esteem nor do I enjoy putting people down.

    Just because you got a little sand in your crack does not mean you need to come in a very honest and informative thread and start bashing the people who are bending over backwards to help everyone out.

    The reason I created this "tutorial" in the first place was because all the other threads are full of "start searching and stop asking so many damn questions" comments.

    So start looking in the mirror when you wake up in the morning and stop saying "My, I think I will run over to good ole' XDA and be an @$$ to everyone today".

    I am sincerely sorry that a little sense of humor has caused so much hatred in my thread. Please contact the forum moderators and see if the think my tutorial is so hateful.
    Hey guys sure its been mentioned before .

    Quick way to start adb ..

    1. Navigate to the platform tools folder in Android Sdk folder on your hard drive

    2. Press and hold the shift key ( do not click on anything )

    3. Now left click and select "Open command prompt here"

    4. Adb Remount ..should see the message "Remount Suceeded"

    5. Now you can run your adb commands

    Pretty sure someone posted in this thread already but thought i would refresh it again :)