How to add 5G configurations to your Pixel 5 (solved)

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Jul 20, 2015
Hey @thiago_oliv , great news. I just can connect my pixel 5 on a 5g networking here in Brazil.

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I am running Android 12 with root. Feel free to send me a message maybe we can figure out how to enable 5g for you too.
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And oh guga, how did you do it? I'm from BR too and I'm in this fight, if you can help me

E ai guga, como você conseguiu? sou do BR tbm e estou nessa luta, se puder me ajudar
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    I grateful if someone can Prepare Video in Youtube to how can to enable 5g and VoLTE with full details to support and help everyone need it (LIKE ME 😌)

    thank you guys
    Issue is totally at Google. Mostly it is management decision, but not technical. I was on contact with my carrier, they tried to push me on 5G manually but said the the Pixel 5 not announce it's 5G capabilities to the network! The phone must return some parameters to base station but it doesn't do it. In private discuss with an engineer from the carrier I've understand that Google also ignoring the official complains from the carrier. This exactly will be my last Google phone.
    If you want to change something send support cases to Google, as much as more you can.
    Late but this is the case. I have a Oneplus 8 IN2013 rooted with a different LTE profile via PDC. I have both 5G and VoLTE despite it not being supported by any of the carriers(Spark, Voda and Skinny).

    I am too keen if anyone figures this out because I'd like to switch to a Pixel 5 and stay in the Android eco system and ditch my Oneplus 8 so I'll be keeping my eye on this.

    You're not getting VoLTE or 5G due to a literal misconfiguration. A Spark rep have already said that it's not going to be supported in this Geekzone thread (there's actually quite a bit about this).

    I honestly hope someone figures it out or enough complaints/demand grows for Pixel phones to start being supported in NZ. I'm sick of NZ getting the short of the stick but I am now ranting at this point :p
    omg another kiwi <3

    I read on a Korean forum that phones must be registered to the carrier as a "VoLTE capable OMD (Open Model Device)". That forum says that users must call or visit their carrier customer support centre to register their phone as OMD. I think this means that carriers have a "certified" model names for VoLTE and as long as the device model is one of those pre-certified ones, VoLTE will work. Or ask your carrier to register your device for VoLTE.

    I'm on Vodafone and I have successfully enabled 5G connection on my Pixel 5 using this method
    However, it seems that March update changed things up a bit that this method no longer works. However, my 5G connection stays enabled even through sim card swaps.

    I couldn't enable VoLTE by editing the EFS partition though. So my theory is that even if my phone has the correct necessary files for NZ's carrier VoLTE configuration, it still won't work unless the phone model is registered to the carrier. This explains that in that geekzone link post #2643155 , someone who bought a Galaxy Note 9 from HongKong has VoLTE working in NZ probably because the Galaxy Note 9 is officially sold by NZ carriers, therefore the Note 9 model is a "certified" model in the carrier's system.

    I also made a Magisk module in theory which supposedly force-enables 5G. Also adding in other Countries/Carriers mbn files from other devices which uses the same chip as the Pixel 5.
    To my understanding, you can't do this, allow 5g, volte etc without root?
    That would be correct
    I enabled volte on my 4a 5G. It should also work with Pixel5, I think.
    I can confirm this to work with the Pixel 5 aswell. A bit of a hassle but IMS shows as registered when the phone is in NR/LTE mode. For some reason VoLTE does not register when phone is set to use also 3g and GSM. However, with VoLTE working, there's really no downside leaving the phone locked to LTE and NR as 4G coverage is very good in my country.

    As a bonus, the phone also now shows the HD icon in calls indicating HD voice being enabled. Thank you!