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Question How to avoid crash that happens when using ACTION_WIFI_ADD_NETWORKS intent in the android 11 devices

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New member
Oct 11, 2021
We are using ACTION_WIFI_ADD_NETWORKS intent to add our network into the Saved Networks. For reference, we are using this link https://developer.android.com/guide/topics/connectivity/wifi-save-network-passpoint-config
We noticed that the issue got fixed in the 5th Feb 2021 security patch release in Pixel devices. So in our codes, we implemented a workaround of checking if the Security Patch Level of the device is greater than the ValidPatch which is 2021-02-05 and then we proceeded with calling the intent. But this check failed in a Oneplus Nord CE 5G device with Android version 11 and Android Security update 2021-07-01

Please provide some information on when the Android security patch will be updated such that the crash will not happen anymore?