How to block bootloader on xt1799-2

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Jul 21, 2020
I will try to describe exactly what I did. I warn you that if you want to repeat this, then do everything at your own risk!

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1. The cleanest installation possible

We do a COMPLETE cleanup and format the DATA in TWRP not lower than version 3.4... then reboot into bootloader and connect to the PC with a good cable. Run Fastboot on the PC in the command line in turn enter the following commands:

fastboot devices

fastboot erase all

fastboot reboot bootloader

2. Install

Use the firmware from here: motoXT1799-2_GLOBAL_2021.02.20_oreo

3. Install Magisk

The latest version of Magic-v22.0.apk must be installed and

4. Go to the developer menu

In the developer menu, we give permissions to unlock the OS bootloader, as well as give permission to debug via USB.

5. Run adb Fastboot on the command line

The phone must be connected to the PC via USB. We enter the command adb devices on the smartphone, a dialog box should appear to allow debugging this device or something like that, respectively, we give permission.

Next, we reboot into the bootloader with the command adb reboot bootloader

6. Blocking

Previously, we copy the stock recovery.img to the folder with adb Fastboot

Enter the commands:

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

fastbo fastboot flashing lock

We reboot into the system.

7. Delete Magisk as unnecessary

To do this, go to the program select delete see two items select first "restore partitions or something like that" then delete.

8. Do a factory reset

If everything is done correctly, we get a device with Oreo Android 8.1.0 as if it came out of the factory.

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