How to block in-app browser

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I am not sure why all apps are coming with in-app browser. When ever you click on a link in-app browser for the app takes control. I hate this feature.

Is there any exposed module or any other root application which could **** this annoying in-app browser feature apps like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, stackexchange, tumble and many others.

I can't disable this feature one-by-one for every app

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Nov 27, 2007
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This is the absolutely most frustrating thing EVER. Instagram just opened YouTube inside the damn Instagram app - it was total **** - couldn't go into landscape mode, didn't sign me in/recognize me, couldn't save the link/watch later (b/c I wasn't signed in), and NO LINK to the full app!

This and not being able to choose 'desktop mode" as default for Chome Browser are the two most frustrating things for me as an Android user. Pisses me off so much that I stop using some apps for months because of it.