Question How to boot stright to TWRP from Download Mode

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Mar 21, 2006
I'm kinda stuck here, praticing how to go right to TWRP from Download Mode. I did the Volume Down + Power to Reboot, then Volume Up + Power Straight away when the screen turns off.

The trouble is, there is a root warning that requires me to release all buttons and press Power to continue, which messes up going to Recovery. I'm on S9080, any tips would be apperciated, trying to upgrade to Android 13


Nov 13, 2022
In order to go to TWRP:

a) Power off you phone, i.e. if you are in Download Mode you go for "reboot" and then you power down your phone manually

b) if you want to somehow go "straigt" from Download Mode to TWRP (e.g. because you are stuck in a boot loop, like me) you can try the following:

1) You are in Downlod mode
2) You attach (or keep attached) the USB cable!
3) You tell Download mode to reboot
4) You wait for the moment when you phone has powered down during the reboot cycle (the phone should vibrate for a sec)
5) Then you press the home + volume up button.

Note: It is important that during step 5 the USB cable is connected, because starting TWRP needs *three* things: USB attached + Home button + Volume up

Maybe this works.