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How To Bypass the Auto-Update (Tested on Nook HD+)

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Oct 18, 2006
If you mean the Play Store, yes no problem - I don't use any other Play apps (like music, books, etc.). I am on 2.06, rooted, ADW EX Launcher and see no issues whatsoever with WiFi (as a matter of fact, no issue signing in to BN.com and downloading one of my books.
I too, assumed he meant Play Store.

It's good to know another method works also. Some day we may have to do both. But your method, like the AdAway method, requires that you be rooted. My CWM zip can be applied regardless of being rooted. So it makes it easy for users.

Sent from my Nook HD+ running CM10 on Hybrid SD

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    One annoying feature of new Nook HD+ (and assuming Nook HD) is that during initial set up it will look for and force you to update (if one is found). There is a neat and really easy trick to bypass this process.

    Once you get to that step in the process, during the process hold down the power button and force it to shut off by selecting "OK" in the prompt. You have to do it before it finishes downloading the update.

    Once you power it back on you'll have to restart the whole process of entering your WiFi and information again. When you get to the point where the device looks for an update, it will look for a few seconds and determine that its got the latest version installed and proceed to the next phase.

    To make sure you did it correctly just go into "Settings" and check the version. For me my default was 2.0.4, for you it may be different, but either way its not 2.0.5.

    I've tested it multiple times and always with great success.