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go to telegram group and argue with developers there. I was just telling what developers told. I am using hos now and there's no option to switch to 90 hz so i can't compare
One conclusive way, is how the display drivers do when fed the property for refresh rate, if they themselves do something like

if(user_refresh_rate = 60)

Refresh (60)

Else if (user_refresh_rate =120)

Refresh (120)



Switching to any emulation is pointless, may even be worse for battery

Any idea if this code is open for us to poke around ?

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    If we want to increase the battery life a little more, we can lower the refresh rate of the screen from 120Hz to 90Hz, thus we will achieve extra savings without having to put the screen at 60Hz.

    To achieve this, we download the SetEdit app from the Play Store.

    Now we will do the following steps:

    1.- We check that we have the screen at 120Hz.
    2.- We open the SetEdit app, we look for the record "user_refresh_rate".
    3.- Click on the record and edit it with the "Edit Value" option.
    4.- We will get 120, we change that value to 90 and press “Save Changes”.
    5.- We close the SetEdit app so that the changes are saved.

    Now the screen will have a 90Hz refresh rate, we can check it with Display Checker, although there are other applications.

    I don't know where you came up with such nonsense that a display that supports 60hz and 120hz refresh rate does not support 90hz. Yes logically supports 90hz! And why isn't it included directly in the rom like a 90hz switch? Because a device that has a 120hz refresh rate sells better than a device that has a 90hz refresh rate. logical.
    To make sure you don't say any illogical argument again. I took extra initiative to search exactly what some kernel developers wrote in telegram group. Here are some of the exact words from different kernel developers:

    Aloith doesn't actually support 90Hz, when you enable 90Hz, the hardware renders at 120Hz, but it's downscaled to 90Hz in software, this downscaling operation eats extra GPU cycles, reducing battery life instead of increasing it

    This is the reason MemeUI doesn't show it
    Yes you can enable it in any rom... But as soon as you switch to 90Hz, what I explained above happens... There's no real benifit of being on 90Hz on this device

    90hz is useless imo, you gain no battery save at all, and when you watch YouTube videos it'll be choppy AF, and all games that runs 60fps, will also stutter because of vsync, 90hz might help green tint though, but if you have minimal tint at 120hz like me, then 90hz have no effect at all.

    Here's why
    panelmeme dosen't have 90 hz option in IC for switch
    all 90 does is lower how much frames the gpu renders
    the screen eats just as much power
    if you joined telegram group, you would have known setting 90hz is useless. Few custom rom developers have said that f3 panel doesn't support 90hz. If we set it to run in 90hz, the hardware will continue running in 120hz, and using software to emulate 90hz content. So it actually saves negligible battery(battery saved only in gpu rendering which is so insignificant as f3 is using 870). This is also the reason few custom roms which support 90hz initially now abandon them in favor of 60 and 120 only eg: arrowos. So, please don't waste your time doing all these useless stuff. MIUI engineer is not as stupid and there are reasons why 90hz not in miui setting for you. Logically thinking, when you can switch to 90hz by just editing userspace props, why miui doesn't have the switch for it? Think...
    90Hz runs fine on custom roms, did not feel anything of out ordinary when I had it set to 90

    Interesting read.
    yeah, you can but doesn't help with battery life. So in the end, it is matter of is doing this worth it or not. If you like 90hz more than 120hz, then of course you are free to use that ;)