How to change WhatsApp Emojis to iOS Emojis

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Oct 8, 2020
I was a long time iOS user and recently jumped to Android. Never plan to move back. The customisation, and modification you can make is great but one major gripe I have is with the Emojis. Now, I've already changed the 'Stock System Emojis' to iOS 13, but in apps such as WhatsApp, it shows WhatsApp's custom emojis which I am *NOT* a fan of. I want a method to easily change the WhatsApp Emojis without installing a 3rd part app like GBWhatsapp or WhatsApp Plus. I have a Samsung phone running Lineage OS 16 and its rooted with Magisk. I also have Substratum installed. Please help me because I've been trying to change this for over 2 months?
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