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How to check is the Note genuine (authentic)? with serial number?

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Feb 26, 2009

I am planing to buy Samsung Note 4 via E-bay.
One reason is that proces are cheaper then shops here.
As shops here are adding nearly 200 euros extra to phones.
Depends deal i can find on e-bay.
All deals there phones have Product Identifiers section on advertisment.
Model and MPN
Model: SM-N910F

So wich number i should check to know is the device realy a Samsung product and not some third party copy?


Senior Member
Dec 11, 2013
I guess you are somewhere in Europe. Try to buy from amazon.de. and make sure it is sold by amazon or fulfilled by amazon so you are proteced in case you get a faulty or defective unit. When you get the phone, check the serial number in the battery compartment with the box. After you setup your phone, type *#06# on the phone dialer and compare that to the one written on the box. Then there is an app in the playstore PhoneInfo by vbdnguyen who is a member of this forum... that app will tell you if evergthing about your phone... goodluck