How to check to see if you can root, lgv20 Anti-Rollback Version ARB

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Jan 2, 2018
STANDARD DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for any damages caused to your phone. Use the guide at your own risk there is no warranty or guarantee.

I get this question asked a lot, can I root my lgv20 phone? There is a hardware fuse on the lgv20 phone that if blown you can not downgrade your firmware, no root.

NOTE: The LG Hidden menu is like the bios of the phone. Make sure not to make any changes, unless you know what your doing.

To check on the status of ARB.

Dial: *#546368#*910#
Note: 910 is your model number of your phone.

Click SVC Menu

Click Version info

Scroll down to Anti-rollback Version

If it has all 0's then you
can root or flash a lower version of firmware. But if it has a 1 do not try and downgrade your firmware or root, you will brick your phone.

Just press the back button tell you get to your dialing menu, or home screen.
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