How to convert Xperia 1ll SOG01 to global rom

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Nov 21, 2022
There is no Rom for S0G01 Japanese 128GB models! Wait for someone to develop or learn coding to develop one for the community! By default, it supports Indian Carriers like Jio and Airtel out of the box
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Hi everyone
I ask you can i convert Xperia 1ll SOG01 rom to global rom,i try but get Corrupt device
not 1 ii, but i have try xz1, xz3 xz2premium and 1 mark 1. from spesific japan rom to global, but every xperia have same way, in nutshell download rom file from xperifirm and flash with new flashtool, just delete simlock.sin? and other carrier lock if any. and format data(it must or bootloop) if still corrupt then flash original japan rom, and again remove simlock and other lock.sin and format data again. try booting if success then do what i tell before with global rom. it should work, i have do many change rom even with different Android version with some corrupt but no devices ever hardbrick with this way.
Dec 20, 2022

When checking the sim lock status in my xperia 1 ii it is network unlock but my network subset is locked.
Anyone having the same thing happening. @KathirPriyaN @dev3230.

Enter the service menu by typing *#*#7378423#*#* then select service info and then select SIM lock.

Please share your status also guys.

This may be the problem for not getting signal in global roms.
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