How to convert Xperia 1ll SOG01 to global rom

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Mar 14, 2023
Hello, SOG01 is sure to be able to flash AT42, but the SIM card has no password, and it prompts to turn off the airplane mode when making a call, can you give an available baseband connection? ...Thanks


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Apr 5, 2015
hi bro my phone sim lock status
modem is issue. You need global modem for volte and signals drop issue. Its easy and lil tricky. Soon i will share.


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Dec 5, 2010
Someone manage to boot SEA firmware on xperia 5 ii with working mobile network by changing the modem sin and oem file of SEA to AU. Anyone tried this method on Xperia 1 ii? Any booting global firmware + AU modem and oem files


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    I tried the customized japan dual sim rom (XQ-AT42_Customized JP_58.2.A.10.102-R3C) available in xperia firm it boots but sim not detected. But one good news all the unwanted au apps are gone.
    Hi bro someone told to try after flashing global rom *#*#4636#*#* then top right corner 3dots select band to automatic & check
    hi bro.. i am already try this method switch one by one all band and automatic . but no use .. network unavailable
    There a person who claim he can fix sim not working when flashing global rom but its chargeable & one person also said that after global version standby battery drain is very high maybe kernel diffrence last you can root and remove those au apps manually
    There is no Rom for S0G01 Japanese 128GB models! Wait for someone to develop or learn coding to develop one for the community! By default, it supports Indian Carriers like Jio and Airtel out of the box
    Try flashing 1ii with global dual modem.sin file patch on stock rom.. you may get VoLTE.