How to create a new remote.conf?

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Dec 12, 2015
I have flashed my device with a ROM (I didn't find exactly my one). Before I flashed, my TV remote was fully functional. But now, 1 of them isn't working which was supposed to be "PROG_YELLOW". And 2 pair of buttons are identical code is 400 and 465. All buttons were messed up, I fixed them by modifying keycodes in system/usr/keylayout/***.kl

I need those buttons to work, especially the PROG_YELLOW one. How do I create a new remote.conf for my Android TV? cause I don't have the original firmware.

Board: TP.ATM30.PB801
RAM: 512 MB
Android: 5.1.1
Root: Yes


  • Vendor_0001_Product_0001.kl.txt
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