How to customize Android to be usable for people who are actually illiterate?

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Nov 14, 2008
Here's a tricky one.

I have a Silent Generation dad who not only is ESL (English Second Language), but only got to about 5th-6th grade level public school in his country (he was born during World War 2).

Because of this, he has major issues with dealing with the smartphone he just got, a Samsung Galaxy S21 base model.

I'm having issues trying to teach him how to use the phone because he is unable to read a majority of the text. If I put it in his native language he only understands about 10-20% of what's on the screen, and he wants to use stuff like Youtube with programming in his native language, which I am illiterate in since I'm American born and I only know barely enough conversational Korean to communicate with my dad.

I'm at my wit's end trying to figure out a system to make the phone usable for him. I already set the phone to "Easy" mode but it's not enough. I think the problem is he's not too good with understanding what "swipes" are and if there is a way to reduce the amount of swiping done and to make it much easier to navigate with clear and large buttons it might make it easier for him.

Are there any apps I can get him or some settings I can make to make it easier for him?