Question How to enable or fix Google Maps Timeline / Location History?

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Jun 18, 2010
Vivo X60 Pro+
Hello, since I've had Timeline enabled for years, I'd like to somehow get it to work on Vivo x60 Pro Plus.
Currently I've tried almost everything possible to enable it, but when I click on "Enable Location History" there is a very fast blackscreen pop up in millisecond range and then nothing happens it disappears in ms, then in the settings it says "Location History is disabled" in bold italics.
I have disabled some bloatware via ADB AppControl v1.6.3 and must say I'm super happy with the phone, interface, notification, battery including fast charging, although I'm very picky about phones, everything is fine except for Maps timeline / location history.
Play Store I have officially installed via Vivo Store, push notification works fine for me, Maps permission in the settings all turned on.
All Location History settings in google account settings are ON but device does not sending GPS information to google server...
Does anyone have ne idea how I can fix the gms (google mobile services) ev. I have thought about to copy apk from the Funtouch image to install the complete google apks via AppControl? Because of bold italics in the settings, i think there is some missing apk that maps timline needs to work in the background...


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