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How to enable usb debugging on a bricked phone

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New member
Jul 24, 2016

I have a LG G4, which bought last year, but a couple of days ago while playing Pokemon GO it shut down and went into a bootloop. I need help in RECOVERING MY DATA. I am not sure if USB Debugging is the answer to recover my files. So far, I have tried going into Recovery and Download mode but it doesn't work. I have taken the SIM card and Memory card out. I have pressed all of the buttons on boot and it only showed me the IMEI display. I tried plugging my phone into my computer but it only charges and not read it.

Is there anyway to recover my files and not void the warranty? I have ordered a replacement for it from my service provider. However, before I surrender the old one I would like to know if I can recover or at least delete the files. I really hope that someone would help me with this problem. :crying:

Thank you in advance,
Liv M.