How To Guide How to Enable Volte and 5G Without Permanent Root on Xperia 5 III and 1 III

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Sep 18, 2020
61.2.A.0.410 update successfully and volte wifi calling and
5G work fine Thanks @Yeme


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Apr 30, 2011
Sony Xperia 1 III
So guys, not so happy days...
Yesterday I was prompted for an update to 61.2.a.0.410, so I decided to do an install via newflasher.
I deleted all .ta files, i deleted all user data .sin so data wouldn't be wiped, and I also went and deleted all three modem related .sin files. Flashing went on ok, but..
Unfortunately the IMS registration won't go through even after multiple attempts with Shizuku and PixelIMS.
Any ideas for future updates?

Hmm, that's not the way to do it. All you needed was to remove just modem.sin and choose option (when prompted) on newflasher to keep user data.
Can't 100% say for sure that what you did broke IMS and VOLTE but I'm 99% positive it is what caused it. I honestly can't offer any other steps, other than to start at the beginning and go through the bootloader unlock all again.
Jun 29, 2013
Sony Xperia 5 III
Hmm, that's not the way to do it. All you needed was to remove just modem.sin and choose option (when prompted) on newflasher to keep user data.
Can't 100% say for sure that what you did broke IMS and VOLTE but I'm 99% positive it is what caused it. I honestly can't offer any other steps, other than to start at the beginning and go through the bootloader unlock all again.
Okay, I will do so, and I will keep in mind what you said here by the time the next update comes by.
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I think LAHAINA is only for Xperia III's, check with EFS Explorer the device HW_DSDS_LA and see if the folders policyman and modem appear. If they appear, continue with the guide as normal.
Hi @Yeme I check HW_DSDS_LA and found some files as below in screenshot. Was able to find policyman. Should I go ahead and continue to add mbn profile?.



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    @shoaib130088 Can you share the mbn file that makes 5G Jio/Airtel work, with the community here? It will help everyone looking for it.
    @ralf_waldo If you have it, please do share it here so that we can also benefit from it.
    hi @anmolkakkar I'm using Sony 1 IV - XQ-CT54 version. Its supports Jio Volte and Wifi calling on android 13. Phone has one physical sim and one e-sim unlike HK/TW versions having both physical sims. Airtel is supporting only volte out of the box without any bootloader unlock changes. I searched the root folder using root explorer. was able to find only Reliance MBN. Airtel MBN is not present and is shown as ROW_Commercial in service engg mode.

    I'm attaching jio MBN for everyones use. Please see if it works.

    I'm unable to get Jio 5G working by replacing the carrier_policy.xml. QPST tool is not allowing me to replace the XML file. Not sure whats causing the issue. can you help here. please check screenshot below.

    all in all, to make Jio 5G work, we need to load the Reliance mbn file (as shared by @ralf_waldo) above through that highlighted process and then copy this

    carrier policy file into the policyman folder. And reboot.

    This should make the 5G work, correct? @shoaib130088 @ralf_waldo?
    Bro two different files? which one is what?
    Koi bhi ek trya kro agar nhi hua to phir dusre file dalo
    If you are on A13 on 5 II, the procedure should most likely work. Only you can verify if the steps mentioned in this guide actually work for you. :)
    On the part about obtaining the MBN, there are many links to MBN zip files within this thread that can give you the carrier's MBN you are looking for. e.g. if you are looking for Reliance Jio to work, download the mbn zip from within this thread and search for "Reliance" after extracting the multiple files/zips from within that. Load that .mbn file as guided in the steps and most likely it should work for you. You don't need to use any other phone to extract it's MBN file, the files are already attached in previous posts.

    Hope this helps.
    Quick update: I got volte working simply by flashing modem and OEM from SEA (AS72) firmware. Vowifi is still non- functional though, I'm on vodafone India. Maybe I'll look for a specific MBN to get this up and running.
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    First of all, Thanks to @johndaniel, @htcmage, @gorEisberg @Forbesii @morphvale @arjun_m4 for sharing all the information and files required for this guide.

    FIRST THING FIRST: Data is priceless. Always backup before you modify your phone software.

    Disclaimer: Not every carrier in the world support VoLTE or VoWiFi. Please ask your carrier first to get more info if you don't know if they provide support to VoLTE and 5G. Tested on a Xperia 5 III (XQ-BQ72).


    * Xperia 1 III or Xperia 5 III (This guide works on Android 12 and 13)

    * Windows Computer

    * Firmware for your device

    * USB Cable

    Downloading Firmware

    Preparing the Device for Rooting

    * Back up all the data from your device.
    • Make sure the device is supported for Bootloader unlock by opening the dialer and enter the code *#*#7378423#*#* and then press Service Info -> Configuration.
    • If the Bootloader unlock status is Yes, then you’re lucky and continue the rest of the guide.
    • Visit and Select your device and enter IMEI and get the code.
    • Enable Developer Options and then Enable OEM Unlocking and USB debugging on your device.
    • Download Platform tools for Windows using this link
    • Open CMD and go to the Platform-tools directory and enter the below command:
      adb reboot bootloader
    • Once it’s in bootloader mode or fastboot mode you will see blue light then type this command on CMD:
      fastboot oem unlock 0xYOURKEY
    • Wait for the reply on cmd and then type
      fastboot reboot
    • Now your device is Unlocked.
    • After reboot, configure your phone without entering Google Account's, we don't need this now, just connect your phone with a Wifi Network


    • Download and Install Magisk in your phone from here
    • In your computer, open the firmware folder you have downloaded and look for boot.sin file it looks something like boot_X-FLASH-ALL-4BA8.sin with around 96MB size (might look different for other versions and regions)
    • Download UnSin Exe from and then drag and drop the boot.sin this will give you boot.img
    • Rename the boot_X-FLASH-ALL-4BA8.img into boot.img (easier to flash) and then using Magisk Manager to patch it.
    • Just don’t delete the original boot.img we need that for the re-locking bootloader.
    • Now copy the magisk_patched.img into the Platform-tools folder and rename it into boot_magisk.img
    • Open CMD and go to the Platform-tools directory and enter the below command:
      adb reboot bootloader
    • Once in fastboot mode type this command
      fastboot flash boot boot_magisk.img
    • Wait for it and then type
      fastboot reboot
    • After restarting your phone, open magisk and verify it's rooted.

    How to extract your MBN files from your device's firmware​

    • After rooting your phone, you can use a file explorer (in my case I use Solid Explorer, you can download it from here if you want).
    • Select the folder root inside the app and then look for your .mbn files searching in this path:
    • Copy your mbn file to a normal folder in your phone, like "downloads" and then copy that file again to your computer.

    Enabling 5G and Volte

    • Open CMD and go to the Platform-tools directory and enter the below command:
      adb shell
      setprop persist.usb.eng 1
    • Allow the access in Magisk after entering the su command.
    • If the phone, asks for Allow access press Deny.
    • Download QPST from and install, also, you can find the Qualcomm Drivers inside the zip, install them.
    • After that, it should show up 3 Xperia on the device manager and install one by one manually using Qualcomm driver just youtube this part. Use Qualcomm USB diagnostic 9091 or 9081.

    • REMEMBER: To configure modem files in Efs explorer or flash the MBN file it is required to enter the following commands in adb:
      adb devices (to start the usb debugging, allow your computer if is neccesary)
      adb shell
      setprop persist.usb.eng 1

    • Open QPST Configurator, check the list and find which COM port corresponds to "LAHAINA". Go to the device manager and disable the rest, ONLY KEEP THE PORT FOR LAHAINA. Quit any QPST tools after this.
    • Open command line in the EfsTools folder, type
      ./EfsTools.exe efsInfo
      and press enter. No error should occur if you configured correctly, and the COM port in step 3 should be shown.
    • I attached some mbn files on this post, check if some of them are compatible with your carrier.
    • Select the mbn file from the mbn folder. Find the mbn file for your carrier. If you're using a secondary operator, please use the mbn file for the main operator (e.g. Telcel -> use ATT mbn). Copy the mcfg_sw.mbn to the root of the EfsTools folder, open a terminal inside this folder (shift + right click = open a new Powershell Window) then type.
      ./EfsTools.exe uploadDirectory -i mcfg_sw.mbn -o / -v
      and press enter.
    • The program will overwrite your modem information updating it to the mbn file you flashed.
    • Open EFS Explorer and select LAHAINA if the name is there otherwise try one by one until you see a bunch of folders.
    • Once all the folders are showing up go to Policyman folder and copy carrier_policy.xml attached in this post and paste it there.
    • Restart the device.
    • You should now have the Speed of 5G or 4G+ and Volte enabled.
    • Don’t stop here.

      Time to go back to Stock (Unroot)

    • Open CMD and go to the Platform-tools directory and enter the below command:
      adb reboot bootloader
    • Remember the original boot.img we have before patching copy that file into platform tools and replace it with the patched boot_magisk.img
    • Then type this command:
      fastboot flash boot boot.img
    • Once that’s done then type this command:
      fastboot oem lock
    • Wait for the response and then type this command:
      fastboot reboot
    • Once that’s done your device should format and bootloader locked and back to stock ROM with 5G and Volte enabled.

    Enabling VOLTE Options after re-lock bootloader and unroot.​

    • Go to Playstore and install Shizuku app.
    • With the app opened, open up a terminal and write
    • Code:
      adb shell sh /sdcard/Android/data/moe.shizuku.privileged.api/
    • to start it
    • Check the app. It should say Shizuku is running.
    • Download and install this apk
    • In your app drawer find Pixel IMS app, open it and click on allow all the time for "Allow Pixel IMS to access Shizuku"
    • Hit the enable VoLTE button at the lower left.
    • Go to settings, mobile data settings and you will find the enable Volte Option or 4G Call.
    • Also, it kept working after uninstalling Pixel IMS and Shizuku apps.
    • You can restart the device and the Volte/5G will remain active.
    • Type
      in the phone original dialler. Select Phone Information, press the dots at the upper-right corner and select IMS Status, you can check if the IMS status is registered.
    • Now, you can enjoy VoLTE, VoWiFi, and even 5G (depends on your carrier's support).

    How to Update your phone keeping your flashed mbn and carrier policy files.​

    Thanks to @bentree for the great idea, I just updated my phone with the firmware released today using newflasher and removing the modem files from the folder.

    • DON'T UPDATE USING OTA, download your most recent firmware with XperiFirm.
    • Download Newflasher (I'll attach the file on this post)
    • Extract the Newflasher files from the .rar file and copy them to the firmware's folder.
    • Remove the modem files from the folder, personally I removed these ones:
      • modem_X-FLASH-ALL-XXXX.sin
      • modemst1_X-FLASH-ALL-XXXX.sin
      • modemst2_X-FLASH-ALL-XXXX.sin
    • Open the NewFlasher.exe file and follow the steps in the command prompt.
    • Flash keeping your data.
    • After rebooting, your phone will boot as normal, but your will notice the Volte and VoWifi options are missed.
    • Repeat this step (Enabling VOLTE Options after re-lock bootloader and unroot).
    • Enjoy!
    Jio 5G and volte WiFi calling work fine in India
    Amazing detailed guide. Thanks for sharing.

    Quick question, can all of this be done on Android 13 now? And does it support 45/5G VoLTE/VoWifi on both SIMs?

    I haven't upgraded for almost a year now coz everything was working fine on A12 with 4G VoLTE and VoWifi.
    Of course I forgot to tell you that I achieve this on Android 13, last security patch. Firmware version 61.2.A.0.388.
    My carrier doesn't support VoWifi, but remember the last step only provides to enable Volte option and no VoWifi, so you probably won't get VoWifi anyways.
    Mmm I don't remember checking settings while patching the file. Leave everything as it is.
    Turns out that is not even needed and just me reading too many guides and confusing things.
    Anyways, I am rooted now, which was the plan from the start! VoLTE and VoWIFI was enabled for my provider from the getgo so I am done with low-level tinkering for now. Thanks for the assistance!

    Can you post a tutorial video?
    For me and beginner
    Since I am now at the point where I did everything I can't record it anymore, but the guide is actually very straight-forward and specific about things. I suggest just following step-by-step and asking here if something is not clear.

    If you run into the driver issue, you will have to do the same thing as done in the video above TWICE: once for when you unlock the bootloader and the second time when flashing the patched img.

    Keep in mind the commands above only work (at least in powershell) without further ado when platform tools etc. is installed with PATH variable set (At least seems to be the issue for me, correct me if I'm wrong here). If you don't know what PATH is or don't want to set it, you can navigate to your platform-tools folder and then hold shift and right click to any blank area to bring up "open powershell here" in the context menu. This way you get an input shell right where you need it.
    Then, don't enter "adb reboot bootloader" or similar, type in
    .\adb.exe reboot
    or whatever you want to input. This will call the exe from your current directory.
    Same goes for flashing, typing
    .\fastboot.exe flash boot .\boot_magisk.img
    is equivalent to the one in the guide, provided you moved the boot_magisk.img file to the platform-tools folder.

    I also encourage you to input
    .\adb.exe devices
    after each command step to make sure your device is still properly recognized. If it is not, you may need to go for the steps in the video.
    So, I just updated to firmware 61.2.a.0.396, and it definitely doesn't work anymore.
    I think the update went and rewrote the mbn and xml files.
    Yeah each time an update is installed it rewrites the modem file, I think you'd be better off installing via newflasher as you could just remove the modem.sin from the install.