How To Guide How to enter Recovery mode on Nokia G10/G20?

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One of Secrecy

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Aug 25, 2022
In the "No Command" page the up volume and power button doesn't do anything.

I can get into fastbootd mode but when trying to reboot into recovery then it says
" FAILED (remote: 'Unable to reboot to recovery')
fastboot: error: Command failed"

Any ideas??


Jul 9, 2015
I've got nokia G10 TA-1334 and best further i went is this. at point 6 best raindance i done with drivers as attached. using this binded with this doesnt giving a result. my phone goes in shadows in fastboot mode and my pc doesnt seeing it. litteraly spend 12 hours just on drivers and nothing.
Can anyone help me go to recovery mode.
Did you allow USB Debugging in the developer menu?


Oct 23, 2022
Same problem, Step 11 can not work for G10 TA-1334.
Any help will be appreciated, tks.


Oct 23, 2022
No solution yet found.
After one night Google search, I have found the G10 TA-1334 latest update recovery mode problem.
The latest update version has disabled the combine keys to enter recovery mode.
The solution is to use fast boot commands to enter recovery mode.
I use Reboot2RecoveryV5 to easily enter/active recovery mode menu and wipe reset successfully.
Hope this will help all confused Ta-1334 users. Ta.

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    Hello everyone. This is my post here on XDA.
    I'm using Nokia G20 TA-1365 Model (INDIA).
    Let's get to the tutorial.

    1. A Windows PC.
    2. ADB and Fastboot Drivers.
    3. Nokia G20 or G10.

    1. Switch off your Nokia G20 device.
    2. Press and Hold Volume down and Power Key together.
    3. 1.png
    4. After 3 seconds device will boot into fasboot mode.
    5. Screenshot_2.png
    6. Now connect your device to your computer and it will appear as Android Bootloader Interface in the device manager as shown below.
    7. Screenshot_3.png
    8. Then open CMD or Command Prompt Window as Administrator and type command as "fastboot reboot recovery" and hit enter
    9. Screenshot_4.png
    10. Once you hit enter "CMD" will show <Rebooting into recovery> and your phone will reboot and show Android One logo and then show a android logo with exclamation mark No command text right below it.
    11. Keep holding Power key and press Volume up once and you will enter recovery mode. Release the keys.
    12. final.png
    Just to add to this thread: This device uses fastbootd. To get into fastbootd, you must have the latest adb drivers. Connect your phone and type:
    adb reboot fastboot -- not "bootloader". This will get you into the fastbootd screen. From there you can type fastboot reboot recovery which will take you into the normal recovery screen. Hope this helps. Remember -- you must be in fastbootd to accomplish this.
    Same problem. Have you found a solution?
    You need to type command "fastboot reboot fastboot" first. Then type "fastboot reboot recovery"

    You may also face problem booting your device after factory reset. If you do, you need to boot into fastboot again using steps 1-8 and then type command "fastboot --set-active="b""
    Put device in fastboot mode (vol - power), connect to PC, install adb drivers, in cmd (admin rights) type:
    • fastboot devices
    • fastboot reboot fastboot
    • fastboot reboot recovery