How to fake gyro values on an Android device

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Dec 26, 2019
Hello everyone,

I'm attempting to manipulate the gyro values on my Android device that's currently running LineageOS 18.1. After verifying the device, I had assumed there would be specific files in the /dev/input directory where I could send the desired value to. Upon executing the command "getevent -l", I received the following output:

add device 1: /dev/input/event8
name: "uinput-fpc"
add device 2: /dev/input/event7
name: "sdm660-snd-card Button Jack"
add device 3: /dev/input/event6
name: "sdm660-snd-card Headset Jack"
add device 4: /dev/input/event3
name: "uinput-goodix"
add device 5: /dev/input/event1
name: "ant_check-input"
add device 6: /dev/input/event2
name: "synaptics_dsx"
add device 7: /dev/input/event5
name: "gpio-keys"
add device 8: /dev/input/event4
name: "hall-switch-input"
add device 9: /dev/input/event0
name: "qpnp_pon"
Unfortunately, none of these inputs appear to be connected to the gyro. However, I did manage to uncover the name of the gyro, which is BMI120. Despite this, I was unable to locate anything relevant in the kernel :

If anyone could point me in the right direction on how to make these changes, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.