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How to fix low call volume?

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Jun 21, 2014
I recently received a Pixel 4xl and really like the phone except the call volume is a lot lower than other phones I have had. I have to press it up to my ear to be able to hear the other person. The volume is already set to the max. Is there a way to make this louder? The phone is not rooted, but will root if that is what it takes to fix the volume.
Mine is fine with the headset, but I had a similar bug with my pixel buds and maybe it's related.

While on a call. Press the volume up button, then while the volume slider is on the screen, slide the volume down and then slide it back up. You'll notice it's much louder. You can also try pressing volume up and then slide it down with your finger on the slider, then use the buttons to turn it back up.

I only had to do this once and then in call volume was fine after that.

For some reason it got stuck in some sort of limit where the ceiling wasn't really the ceiling.

Other than that, you can try factory reset. If not that, then it could be some sort of hardware issue.