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Question How to flash gsi without twrp?

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Sep 4, 2019
you said "my phone is bricked after going to fastboot". it can happen only if you have made a mod. like a no stock recovery or a non stock rom. or you said a lot of stupid claim

you write a lot of nosense phrases. i think you have to learn more e with more accuracy about android. the command fastboot fastboot don't exist. and you can't use any fastboot command with locked bootloader
Fastbootd exist


May 22, 2019
POCO M3 Pro / Redmi Note 10 5G
However fastboot can't do you phone brick except you flash rom not finished
or do something in rom file
If you want unbrick use bypass
And mtk is hard for flash something if If you're not good at it or don't know anything about it don't try it

Only person has know how to flash gsi I recommend don't flash it gsi have a lot of bug lol🤣 (I try it before)


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Dec 12, 2014
reggio emilia
Xiaomi Mi A3
i think is a bot. i can't believe that is a real human 🤣 all what he write is a nosense. i suggestfor him s nokia 3310

ok guru. write here all the procedures for unlock a bricked phone. dou you know what is edl mode?

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    Installed android 12 gsi via dynamic system update. Requires a unlocked bootloader.

    Note that my phone has dm-verify corrupt on boot, but still works. The dsu loader seems to be functional. You would have package custom gsi's to load via dsu.

    But being able to duel boot std ROM + gsi ROM is a win :)