How to flash stock firmware with OTG or fastboot when eRecovery fails?

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Apr 20, 2011
i have a Huawei P30 here from a friend. He says, he has got an official update, and then the device has not boot anymore.
Huawei eRecovery is starting now automatically, but after downloading the firmware, it says that the device can not verify the package :(

How can i flash stock firmware with my PC now? I have downloaded a few firmwares and tryed with my 64GB Stick and OTG Adapter, but the device is not recognizing the Stick.
The Stick is fomatted exFAT and i created the folder dload, with the 3 zips in it. I also tryed NTFS.
I have also downlaoded the Huawei Software Multi Download Tool, but all of my downloaded firmwares don't have a xml file :(

Is there any option to flash over fastboot?