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Jun 1, 2013
I have recently updated to the official cm11 rom and am not having a great time with it. So i would like to go back to 10.2.

But a problem i have noticed with my device is i have been getting quite a few error messages when i try and wipe certain directories in cwm recovery. I have been told that the device is probably corrupted. For the past 8ish months i have just ignored the error messages, they have never caused any issues (famous last words i know).

So what i want to do is:

  • Back up all my user data
I can just copy/paste that onto my pc and then only copy back what i actually want​

  • Back up all of my application data
The last time i tried to do this i used titanium backup, after doing a full backup it said it could only restore data from about 10 apps (i have about 200). So what is the best backup software available for the job? (preferably one that works, or is idiot proof. I have no idea who was to blame, im pretty sure i did it correct though.)​

  • Wipe everything

  • Get CM10.2 reinstalled
Or possibly a new rom, i have only ever used stock and cm in the past. What is there to gain/loose from switching?
If i do go for cm10.2 where can i get the last version from? , i have a few more recent copies still on my phone but they haven't kept a recent 10.2 copy on the cyanogenmod download page.​

I would like the rom that i install to be the first rom to have touched the phone. I dont want any left overs from the stock rom or anything like that. My phone has been going for 2.3 ish years and has never had user data wiped. It is filled with obsolete folders and 10 million different camera save locations (why cant they keep them the same? :p Not even Samsung were consistent ) so i would just like the phone to be clean again, ready for me to fill up with more garbage.

Thanks for any help,
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