[How-To][G935F] Injustice theme at the new update PER (It is UP)

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Sep 4, 2013
Hi guys,
I made the mistake of updating my G935K Injustice edition to Nougat, and in turn have a software that won't let me take advantages of some of the new features and am also missing the official theme from the stock firmware. Could anyone point me in the direction where I might be able to find the Injustice Edition firmware for the KT Corp G935K?



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Nov 27, 2008
Has anyone got this to work on a Galaxy S8 or S8+?

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Is the theme still working for you...

I tried but to no avail...so thought I'd see how yours is going.

I have the S8!!

ok, found a solution (remember, i'm not rooted, lastest update installed, G935FD):

- download and install theme apk
- download and install package disabler
- go to Theme menu and apply trial version of Injustice Theme
- when it's done, launch Package Disabler
- tick the boxes of the 2 apps called "theme" something
- then, STILL INSIDE PACKAGE DISABLER, clic on each "theme" something and click "Erase DATA" for BOTH Theme app

I've done this and theme still working for 1 hour.

Didn't try to reboot, but I think If it's removed we can :

- re-activate themes app
- go to Theme menu and apply trial version of Injustice Theme
- when it's done, launch Package Disabler
- tick the boxes of the 2 apps called "theme" something
- then, STILL INSIDE PACKAGE DISABLER, clic on each "theme" something and click "Erase DATA" for BOTH Theme app

Tell me if it worked for you too!


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Oct 1, 2012

Or has anyone edited a theme apk and removed the trial period?

So I've installed this on my note 8 but after restarts I'd have to disable Samsung theme everytime... so now with the new update from at&t the other day I can not get it to stay passed the trial period. Anyone come across this?

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    Hello to everyone
    I just downloaded the XFA PER for my G935F and I used the "stock" csc which it was over 150mb. I said ok will flash it just to see what it is inside. The installation and booting took a while and when I finished with the setup wizard I saw the batman theme installation. I was shocked. The theme is beatiful and it has many great features. (New AOD style added)
    Photos are given.
    Take a look and let me know what do you think.
    When I find new features I will let you know

    I was asked to upload a guide on how you can install the PER firmware with the Injustice theme. You should backup everything since this is going to wipe all of your data. If this is your first time flashing with Odin or you are a newbie, please stay away....... This may be risky for you......

    Here is the guide
    1. Backup everything since this is going to delete all of your files
    2. Download this rom
    3. Download Odin 3.11.1
    4. Open odin and select the AP to the AP and CP to the CP etc......
    4b. Go to the pit section and select the given PIT, because the CSC.tar is very big
    4c. Make sure that you have the re-partition button checked
    5. Make sure that your device is charged more than 40%
    6. Reboot to download mode
    7. Flash it
    8. When it comes up, force the phone to boot to the recovery and wipe data (this step is essential if you want the special CSC to be applied
    9. Reboot
    10. Enjoy

    Don't forget to press the Thanks button
    I unpacked the theme from the sec_csc.zip
    I don't think so that it will be able to be installed as a normal app but you may need root to put it to the /system/app/ folder

    Here the link
    people first of all its working great you just have to know how to cancell the trial version.

    sec ill explain you but if you likes theme you have the bigest theme stuff that ok with our phone here :http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s6-edge/themes-apps/theme-park-super-hero-t3386909 best place .

    •Download and install a simply apk. Installation may take a 3-4 minutes as the're many sub-apk. Wait until you see in homescreen message "Installation complete"
    •Move the file json from data/overlays/jsonfiles/triljson into userjson. It's always good to test theme while it is on trial version to see any problem with installation
    •For MM delete preferences folder in data/overlays(after reboot your device (don'the worry the folder preferences it will be created after reboot)
    •Apply theme
    •Download and install the theme a simply apk .installation may take 4/5 minutes . Once you see install complete in homescreen your good to go .
    •First option app best you use on play store •EZRA PACKAGE DISABLER PRO $1.95
    •After you go in (package disabled pro)for the custom themes on here locate it in Theme Center from your phone hit trial,then with PDP look for Theme store and them disable both that's it now it will stick,picture down.

    Thank you for this ... I just install it .. then use titanium backup to freeze theme store and go to system/priv app/themecenter and rename the apk to ThemeCenter.apk.bak ... it's all working.

    Thanks again... I'm happy with this Batman AOD
    you don't need to freeze theme store bro, you're rooted so just apply trial theme, while on trial delete "preferences" folder on /data/overlays then CUT the theme package name on /data/overlays/jsonfiles/trialjson PASTE it to /data/overlays/jsonfiles/userjson and reboot. Make sure to re-apply theme after reboot. :)
    So you can install the theme regularly but it says trial and it ends after a few minutes
    I have installed the apk and it works fine if you want to keep the theme active for more then five minutes use package disabler from the playstore to disable the theme store. Here's a link:


    This will allow you to keep the theme active.
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