Question how to get rid of Dm-VERITY corruption on boot

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Senior Member
May 19, 2012
Hey guys.. just updating you all
in all of my (previous ) test to get my patched boot.img
i've got this initial msg on my boot :

dm-verity corruption
your device is corrupt.
it can't be trusted and my not work properly.
press enter button to continue.
Or, device will power off in 5s.
(written in white)
NOW i tell that it didn't happen after bootloader unlock (so it was unlocked and all good no problem )
but honestly i don't remember if that happened when i tried to upload official rom through Miflash !

Anyway is there any way to remove this? I re installed ( clean install ) official Rom and it's still there, locked bootloader back and it's still there tried some
fastboot oem enable_dm_verity

i'm also warning new user that you might get this msg at boot !
thanks ;)
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