Question How to get rid of Google Weather notifications? (without turn off all Google app notifications)

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Dec 24, 2005
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
I had a Note 8 for a few years, then a S22U for 2 months, and now a S23U since the Saturday just gone... I've never had Weather as an option to disable.

I can disable Miscellaneous and that makes the Weather notification stop, but I'm not sure what else that turns off. Disabling Miscellaneous is what I've been doing for years.


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Mar 22, 2023
I was expericing the same problem with S21 Ultra, but after I uninstall updates then update it to the latest version, all notification catagory suddenly come back.

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    Google uses to track you. So disable the whole thing.

    Like I care? That's not the problem of this topic.
    Long press the notification in your notification bar, settings, and uncheck current weather notifications. Work on One UI 4.1 (A12).
    Apparently it's there. Thanks!!!!
    Can you please help me with that? I have looked everywhere...I only have 3 categories as the thread starter bat0nas already noticed. Long pressing the notification also brings me to the same place. I can't find the weather category nowhere. It's driving me crazy it sends notification almost every hour.

    My device is S23 Ultra with OneUI 5.1
    I'm on the S23 Ultra as well and can't find this either. If you're referring to App Notifications, then no, that's Samsung's weather app. The only option I can do at the moment is disable Google notifications entirely which is not an ideal solution.

    My S23 Ultra has also the same issue. I only can disable 3 categories, but weather updates isn't one of the categories. So for now I disabled all Google alerts. Not the best solution, because I still want alerts for security and my account.

    Someone with a solution? Is this a bug? Waiting for an update? ...?