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How To Guide [How-to guide] Omoji on OPPO ColorOS incl. APK

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Sep 30, 2021
Hey there OPPOers, it’s Eric from OPPO ColorOS here 😎

I’m going to introduce you to our all-new #Omoji feature!

Omoji? Yes! Omoji is our 3D animated emoji feature that is being introduced for the first time on ColorOS 12. Boosted by OPPO’s industry-leading Face Capture algorithm, Omoji allows you to express your unique style through your own personalized emoji.

Thanks to Face Capture, you can see your Omoji mimic your facial movements and emotional changes in real-time. Facial information processing latency in under 10ms and rendering in less than 20ms, making Omoji virtually instantaneous.
Omoji allows you various customization options: With 10 different parameters to adjust, including skin, hair, eyes, and nose, and 200+ stylistic accessories to choose from, there is no style or mood that can’t be captured.

Where can you use Omoji?
Set an Omoji as your account profile picture, send it to your friends, or add it to your Always-On Display.

Before we start into our how to OMOJI, here are some fascinating key facts:
⚡️ 77 Facial Feature Points
⚡️ 50 Blend Shapes
⚡️ Real-time Rendering & Low Latency
⚡️ Detail Tracking & High Precision Modelling
⚡️ 200+ Customizable Elements

Screen Shot 2021-10-21 at 3.26.28 PM.png

⬇️ Here’s what you need to do: ⬇️

Install Omoji on ColorOS 12

1. To install Omoji, use either the OPPO browser or the Chrome Browser.
2. If you are using the OPPO browser, switch to the ‘desktop/computer version’ mode. Follow the steps given below:
  • Go to the bottom middle menu
  • Open the toolbox and click on the ‘Access PC version’
3. If you are using the Chrome browser, switch to the desktop mode in the following manner:
  • Go to the menu on the right top corner
  • Choose the ‘Desktop Website’ mode
4. Go to https://bit.ly/OMOJI-Apk and hit the download button
5. Once the Omoji application has been downloaded on your device, install it.

How to Use Omoji
Once you have installed the Omoji app on your OPPO, follow these steps:
1. Open the Omoji App
2. To enter the edit mode, click on the ‘Create’ button, now you can start creating your Omoji.
3. Choose your favorite elements from 10 categories:
  • Skin, Head, Hair, Brows, Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Ears, Headwear, Glasses
4. Adjust color elements after your preferences, and if one Omoji is not enough, go ahead and create multiple Omoji to match different feelings and states.

Shot on Omoji
Ready for your first trial? Here we go:
1. Select ‘Use Omoji’ and click on the ‘Shot Omoji’ button.
2. Aim the camera towards your face.
3. Express yourself however you want.
4. Watch your preview in real-time.
5. Set the background color and capture the image or hold the capture button to record a video for up to 30 seconds.
6. Your Omoji will automatically get stored in your album.

All done? Time to share your Omoji!
1. Simply go to your album.
2. Tab on your created Omoji image or video.
3. Click send.

➡️ Don’t be shy and say hi! Send out your customized avatar to friends 📱 👋
Have you tried it out? Let us know your feedback!


May 17, 2010
hi. I just installed colorOs12.
I followed your guide to install the omoji app, but I cannot find it in the drawer. it's available only in the app list but I cannot open from there. if I try to go to the Always on display options, I see the emoji option but If I click on it and push the create emoji button it does nothing.
Any idea what I'm doing wrong?


May 17, 2010
ok. i installed the 1.0 version and it partially works. lets me create a custom face but no option for shot omoji is available after I create my omoji.
the AOD instead seems working.