[HOW TO] Increase/decrease graphics in The Amazing Spider-Man, Asphalt 7 and NOVA 3

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Jul 16, 2012
Yes, Gayloft changed the DeviceConfig.xml so that modding it has no effect anymore (only in the 1.0.5)
If you wish to change craphics you have to mod the DeviceProfile.xml - file
you can find it here:
Android//obb/com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftA7HM / DeviceProfile.xml
I had a problem finding the file with my PC and the only way i found it was by using an android filemanager app on my Nexus 7 :silly:

IMPORTANT : remember to first make a backup of the DeviceProfile.xml or you might have to download the whole game again...

btw i noticed that on the 1.0.4 version the game was runnning on 60 fps, but on the 1.0.5 was only on 20 fps... (at least on my nexus 7)
! that sucks !

I modified it but it is very slow! The game is far too slow and very long loading screen, heavy menus. Pouf. I turn to the standard configuration.


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Mar 21, 2013
How to...

I modified it but it is very slow! The game is far too slow and very long loading screen, heavy menus. Pouf. I turn to the standard configuration.

Yup, This far i have ALSO found another way to mod the asphalt 7 graphics (this way works for the 1.0.5 for my nexus 7 perfecly :D )
The first method only worked on my Xperia mini pro but not my Nexus 7 tablet...

BUT this method works for both devices perfect ( i was able to get the game run on 60 fps with realtime car reflection enabled on both ; the nexus 7 AND xperia mini pro :laugh: )

(This method will most likely work on every device out there)

Here IS how to:

1. You go on your phone to:
Android / obb / main.101.com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftA7HM / patch.1051.com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftA7HM.obb

2. Then you copy the patch.1051.com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftA7HM.obb to your PC, make a Backup of the whole patch.1051.com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftA7HM.obb -file AND then save the backup to somewhere.

3. Open The patch.1051.com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftA7HM.obb on your PC with 7-zip and inside find \data\DeviceConfig.xml

4. Then just simply copy the .xml to the same folder with the patch1051.obb and open it with notepad

5. In the xml -file you can modify the graphics how you wish (first you gotta find your device in there and then copy the graphic settings in the configuration place for your device)

6. When you're done move the DeviceConfig.xml back to the patch.1051.co......obb -file

7. Then just move the modded patch.1051.com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftA7HM.obb back to your device , BUT DO NOT START THE GAME YET

8. now you have to use your device's own FileManager app and go to:
Android / obb / com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftA7HM / DeviceProfile.xml

AND DELETE THE DeviceProfile.xml -file

9. Now when you have deleted the DeviceProfile.xml -file, you can start Asphalt 7 Heat,
Because the game will automaticlly create that DeviceProfile.xml -file from the DeviceConfig.xml -file, that you just modded.

For example this part can be found at the bottom of the Config

<config name="nexus 7" type="dev">
<bool name="use_hires_map" value="true" />

And after i had modded it , it look's like this:

<config name="nexus 7" type="dev">
<float name="a_lod_table_box" value="27500000.0" />
<float name="a_lod_table_low" value="15000000.0" />
<float name="a_pickup_visibility_multiplier" value="1.0" />
<bool name="use_hires_map" value="false" />
<int name="skid_marks_trail_length" value="12" />
<int name="nitro_trail_length" value="6" />
<bool name="use_msaa" value="false" />
<bool name="use_car_shadow" value="true" />
<bool name="use_blur_on_impact" value="false" />
<bool name="use_traffic_shadow" value="false" />
<bool name="use_swf_posteffect_render_texture" value="false" />
<string name="showTrackLowLODDistance" value="FAR" />
<bool name="use_gamma_luminance" value="false" />
<bool name="use_second_render_target" value="false" />
<bool name="use_high_quality_car_shader" value="false" />
<int name="use_fps_limit" value="60" />
<int name="game_ggi" value="51797" />
<float name="road_gamma_correction_value" value = "0.1" />
<float name="generic_gamma_correction_value" value = "0.0" />
<float name="car_gamma_correction_value" value = "0.0" />
<bool name="bright_skybox" value = "true" />
<bool name="use_dynamic_reflection_on_cars" value="true" />
<bool name="reduce_car_bright" value="false" />

I suggest Nexus 7 users to use this same(since it makes the game look pretty good and also the fps increase to 60 FPS , the ipad 4 run's this game at a max of 30 fps btw...)

If everything goes right you are now running your own graphic settings on Asphalt 7 Heat (v1.0.5)

These steps are really easy to learn. After you have done them once you will find it really easy to keep modding the game's graphics

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Nov 22, 2010
Thanks a lot!!
I tried that config you provided on my Nexus 7 and the game runs very smooth with a great graphics now finally.


May 10, 2013
What about Xolo q800

well....this blog is helpful but I still am not able to get it right....Any idea to how to increase the settings on a Xolo q800 for the latest versions of the games? I tried for asphalt 7 trick by LOLLEROxd96 but it crashes....the gpu is SGX 544mp and it is a quad core 1.2ghz...pls help.....
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Apr 14, 2013
Gameloft - HOAC

Can anyone make these changes on Heroes of Order and Chaos,please?!
They just "improved" the graphics and I can't play anymore.

Thanks a lot.


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Oct 31, 2013

Nice man. The colour, however, is from gameloft. They make it look better on the Xperia Play. :)

Also how are your reflections when climbing up a building. Mine are really weird, it's like a view from the sky on times square (you can see road instead of the other buildings).

Is there a patch for tab 2 7.0 gtp3100
It always say this is not the original apk when I replace with any xml file


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Jun 10, 2009
This is a very old thread, but since I got the game the other day and after experimenting with the graphics options of it, I came up with something that will fit perfectly in here lol:


On newer devices that it doesn't "recognize" the game loads by default the lowest graphics, hence why even Spiderman mask's lenses are missing specularity. I think I have come close to maximising the graphics, as on my Note 9, with Snapdragon 845 and 6gb ram, I went from 60fps to 30-40fps with my current custom settings.

It is possible to go higher still but the only difference it will make is in the drawing distance, increasing number of NPCs/vehicles and always loading the highest-quality assets. But that will require a device a couple gens later than mine to get more than single-digits framerate xD

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    Hi there guys, I want to give you my modded files for two Gameloft games for now - it's The Amazing Spider-Man and Asphalt 7. Why I'm talking "for now"? If Gameloft will continue their files system with easy-to-edit .xml config files, we can do this in easy way and I will post it of they decide that our Play is "lowphone" or something.

    For now just let me give you that files, and instructions of course:


    The Amazing Spider-Man -> CLICK! (1.1.0 version from Google Play)

    Directory: main folder with game, it depends which version you're using, but there are much "config...." files.
    Note: Inside "More performance, less graphics" you have two files: one .xml and one .xml.bak. If you noticed, that you want try the second one, just delete .bak and past it in required place/directory.

    If you have Gameloft Wapstore version (1.0.7) go to THIS post (big thanks for w4lkm4n :)).


    Asphalt 7 - Heat -> CLICK! (1.0.0 version from Google Play)

    Directory: *sdcard*:\Android\obb\com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftA7HM\
    Note: Inside this directory you see .obb file. It needs to be open via 7-zip to replace DeviceConfig.xml file from data/DeviceConfig/. This mode is not needed much, cause official version is very good optimized with controls and graphics. BUT if you still want some nice fast and smooth gameplay, with more blur and dynamic reflections on cars...Just apply this modded :).

    If you want try some other mod, my friend w4lkm4n made one more for all of you just go to THIS post :).


    N.O.V.A. 3 -> CLICK! (1.0.0 version from Google Play)

    And sorry for not posting it before, but I forgot about it :p.

    Before and after ->

    And PLEASE DO NOT write here any spam or something, we can talk about those games in some created before topics like:
    :highfive: :good: :cowboy:

    oke . take mine . . .

    add reflection cars and blur effect ,and more spectacular 3D enhance sound :good:

    my friend ,please post it to the first page :D


    trick to use ,same like first page :)
    Spidey mode relased ^^.

    oke . take mine . . .

    add reflection cars and blur effect ,and more spectacular 3D enhance sound :good:

    my friend ,please post it to the first page :D


    trick to use ,same like first page :)

    Thanks dude, made my game look better and even increased performance on my Xperia Play! :good::good:

    I grabbed some images of the reflection and adrenaline blur using w4lkm4n's config. Will post when my restrictions are gone.
    Changing graphics for NOVA 3 (spoof?)

    Hey guys, so I read all your posts about modding the games to run at a higher graphic setting and it was too complicated for me :D
    Btw, I am using a Galaxy Note N7000 running Jellybam ROM 5.2.0 (JB 4.2.1).

    When I launched NOVA 3 the first time it somehow ran with 'OMG Tegra 3 super-high graphics settings' but I didn't even managed to get past chapter one due to far too high graphics demand (It ran at, like 5-7fps...but it was so beautiful...*sniff*). The second time I launched the game it was suddenly set at, like the lowest graphics setting possible (almost like it learned from the previous)...and it never changed back :crying:

    But I was doing some research and people claim that prettier graphics are enabled on S3 and Note II (with an OC version Mali-400)...with only slightly less graphics effects than on Tegra 3 devices. So it has something to do with the game's recognition of phone model.

    So decided to try to spoof the game by changing my build.prop...to model 'N7100', and board '4412' (Note II specs)
    Boy was I right...since then the game has been running smoothly with pretty graphics (f. ex. papers that fall down from the sky in the beginning, or the texture on vehicles)

    Really happy yaay :), I know this thread is a bit old now but I think maybe some ppl are still interested in getting higher graphics (even on JB w/o Chainfire 3D). Maybe I try out some other gameloft games xD

    EDIT: Even managed to get Nexus 4 graphics on my Note N7000 with
    Now looks even prettier with ambient light effects lol...BUT BE CAREFUL, don't change too much (I think 'model' and 'brand' is enough, just recovered back my phone from softbrick because I even changed my 'board' spec to MSM8960. Strongly recommend to backup your build.prop...in case you cannot boot up, go cwm and use adb to have it changed back.

    Kind regards