How to make GSI Flasher for Samsung Galaxy A51 Super Partition Image

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How to convert a gsi image so that it can be installed on a dynamic partition or super image partition. It may be work for other Android devices. This tool will help you to install gsi image on Dynamic Partition or Super Image Partition.

1. Extract (or GSI_Flasher_SDCard if you want install GSI from SDCard) >> 3 folder gsi, META-INF, and Scripts
2. Extract Havoc-OS-v3.12-20201230-Official-arm64-ab.img.xz (your GSI file image)
3. Rename gsi to system.img (it must be rename to system.img, if you don"t rename, your phone get bootloop after reboot system)
4. Put <system.img> in gsi folder
5. Repack this 3 folder gsi, META-INF, and Scripts to zip (you can name it, whatever you want)



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Mar 28, 2012
Very Good my friend
This option sd card
If system start from sd is possible dual boot?
Create New thread havoc starting from sd this option is usefull for no Format internal sd?
Sorry i read GSI flash from SD no in sd ☺️😁


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Mar 21, 2012
Fairphone 2
Here's the displayed message :
GSI Flasher
Extracting script..
-------------------------------------------------- GSI Flasher-------------------------------------------------- Extracting script..Extracted file "/tmp/scripts/"
Extracted 1 file(s)
Extracting GSI Image..
Extracting GSI Image..Extracted file "/sdcard/.gsi/system.img"
Extracted 1 file(s)
Flashing GSI..
about to run program [/sbin/sh] with 3 args
Flashing GSI..INFO: Successfully flashed sparse image
Successfully flashed GSI!
NOTE: please wipe data
  to avoid issues.
-------------------------------------------------- Successfully flashed GSI! NOTE: please wipe data  to avoid issues.--------------------------------------------------script succeeded: result was [--------------------------------------------------]

Full recovery log is attached.

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