How to play old games with 4:3 aspect ratio on widescreen phones

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Jul 3, 2016
OnePlus 5
Samsung Galaxy A71
have some old games that I have been playing for many years. Some of them are not even available in Play Store anymore.

The issue is that some of these games do not adapt well to widescreen; the top par of the game gets cutoff. One game where this becomes an issue is Angry Birds. Sometimes there are structures that are beyond the screen and it becomes difficult to aim for them without being able to see them.

Is there any way to force specific aspect ratio for certain games/apps? I have a rooted Android phone, so am open to suggestions that require root.


Jun 26, 2013
In rooted devices there are ways to change resolution and aspect ratio with it, but is there way to open a one centrain app (game) in specyfic aspect ratio ( i mean to simulate screen size with black borders in 4:3) without changing whole device resolution?
Is there any way to put black borders in 4:3 ascpect ratio?

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