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how to port 760, 765, 768 rom to lgms769 or build from source?

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Aug 17, 2011
I've looked everywhere and can't find much specific to the lgms769 as far as ROM's are concerned. ultrarom/kumakan and the cm11 im currently using are about it... :(
what needs to be fixed in order for these 760–768 roms to be ported or whatever for them to be usable on the lgms 769 with unlocked bootloader?

P760-765 roms leave me with wonky screen and no data on occasion
even inverted TWRP/CWM recovery-
screen fix .zip doesn't work, BTW
p768 roms dunno...
tired of this unsupported, buggy cm11.
laptop on the fritz, and only have a tw801 tablet on win10 32bit to work with.
any ideas?
would love to try MIUIv4 on this, or anything AOSP or otherwise android 5.1 or better...
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