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How to port ffu of a Lumia to other?

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Antonio Almeida Filho

Senior Member
Jan 8, 2015
Leopoldina - MG
First of all, I wanted to mention that I do not want to port to unsupported devices like android devices.
I wanted to port the .ffu of the build 10240 (Windows 10 Mobile) for Lumia 930 (RM-1087) to my lumia 820 (rm-825) because I want to again use the project astoria and I have not found a ffu of this type for my cell phone.

I have .ffu of windows phone 8.1 for lumia 820 and I also have the ffu of the build 10240 of lumia 930.
Is there any method of port?
Can I install .ffu the lumia 930 without any modification?
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Senior Member
Aug 24, 2014
You must be a Microsoft developer to do that. It requires a lot of knowledgment to "port" a FFU to another device. Remember Microsoft last one year to conclude a stable Windows 10 Mobile ROM from Windows Phone.