[How To]Put Your BEST Rom In 2nd Rom -[DorimanX v8][Biftor V14 and AROMA V6]

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Aug 3, 2012
43.7031 - 7.2661
Im using Alliance v9 with system ui fix as first rom and rootbox as 2nd rom:D

Too hard to tweak Alliance for 2nd rom, i dont support it :) so it's best to use in 1rst rom :) and have the DB you have for your enjoy :)

so, 1rst Biftor test in 2nd rom :


seems all good , BTK not ON by defaut, but fortunaly, i use Biftor Rom Control , quickly find it , tick it and reboot :)

two lines in feature.xml from /system/csc/ folder , i dont know how to use keyboard without them :)

section :

 <!-- SIP -->


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Aug 3, 2012
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Biftor V11 for 2nd ROM.

Hi all DualBooters,

there is something new in dualboot method for me.
we never use preload partition in our dualboot, and now, i want all pak system in same folder, excepting superuser.apk or supersu.apk, depends of jb 4.1.2 rom.

i dont want do restructure ROM ZIP so i have to find a way to make well runing my idea and i find it.

SO, for Great Customizable @Biftor V11 Rom, i purpose here a normal updater-script for 2nd ROM ONLY,
without flash of kernel and modem, Dualbooters of Biftor V10 can use it without any pb.

anw, AS USUAL the entire rom zip modded for 2nd rom IS AVAILABLE HERE in @wis1152 DEV_HOST

With my idea, I purpose some <> variant updater-script you can use with rom that bypass the totaly use of preload folder
and put all apks system from /system/app/ , /data/app/ and /preload/symlink/system/app/ of ROM ZIP to /data/sec_data/ folder
of the DATA partition, even if you flash the ROM ZIP in 1rst position.

In all cases, i will recommand you to replace zImage kernel in Biftor ROM ZIP by zImage kernel extracted from DorimanX V8.35 kernel before use it.
In all case, remplace symlink_preload file in ROM ZIP by those in attachment.

use for 1rst rom or 2nd rom :
1 - AllAPKsInData_Sec_Data-flashModem&Kernel-updater-script-2ndROM-1rstROM.
2 - AllAPKsInData_Sec_Data-flashOnlyKernel-updater-script-2ndROM-1rstROM.

use for 2nd rom only :
3 - AllAPKsInData_Sec_Data-Nokernel&NoModem-updater-script-2ndRomONLY.

If you're coming from another JB 4.1.2 or Biftor V10 in your 2nd ROM:
4 - ComingFromAnother2ndROM-NormalUse-NoModem-NoKernel-updater-script-2ndRomOnly.

In attachments, find and download "......updater-script.......pdf" you want.
dont forget to take symlink_preload.pdf too
rename downloaded file as updater-script and symlink_preload
with WINRAR, open ROM ZIP downloaded from Biftor Host-dev
replace the two files in ROM ZIP
please replace zImage file in ROM ZIP by dorimanx kernel zImage file from v8.35.
place in sdcard external of you S2 and flash as you need it.

you can see a partial result here :

thanks for all tests and reports.


  • 2-AllAPKsInData_Sec_Data-flashOnlyKernel-updater-script-2ndROM-1rstROM.pdf
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  • 4-ComingFromAnother2ndROM-NormalUse-NoModem-NoKernel-updater-script-2ndRomOnly.pdf
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  • symlink_preload.pdf
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Aug 3, 2012
43.7031 - 7.2661
Why Not use BifTor Aroma MOD V4 on your 2ndROM ONLY

Original Post with Aroma V4 details here, from @Biftor thread :

For your enjoy, i provide for you the updater-script to use this New Aroma MOD V4 from @Biftor, for his great V11 ROM and other JB 4.1.2 you can have installed in your tel.
As he provided an universal AROMA MOD V4 for several JB 4.1.2 rom we can find here in XDA, my updater-script is for all 2nd ROM too and respects folders use as the biftor'original, i mean this one doesnt touch structure of zip or rom as i can say in my project of "ALL APKs in \DATA\SEC_DATA\ folder in DATA partition on 1rst or 2nd position runing", but i provide updater-script for that too :)

So in attachments, a normal updater-script for your 2ndROM ONLY (as usual)


You could donwload BIFTOR AROMA MOD V4 For2ndRomONLY.ZIP on @wis1152 DEV HOST (BIG THANK FOR HIM AGAIN, great friend too)

particulary if you have downloaded one of the universal updater-script i have provided in post186 here (following this project here), to install your BIFTOR V11 ROM in your tel , i mean one of these two

1 - AllAPKsInData_Sec_Data-flashModem&Kernel-updater-script-2ndROM-1rstROM.
2 - AllAPKsInData_Sec_Data-flashOnlyKernel-updater-script-2ndROM-1rstROM.

So your "Universal updater-script" for this aroma mod v4 from Biftor if you use ROM like i say in this project could be one of the two below :


differences between these two have to be concerned only with "wipe option" purposed during flash of V4,

original Biftor updater-script have :


For my personal use, 
I add these 4 lines too to clean all options i used during my 
Biftor Rom usage before my flash of Aroma Mod V4.


Last thing to say, With @dorimanx V8.37 Kernel here, no trouble to boot 1rst ROM or 2nd ROM.




  • 1-For2ndRomOnly-Biftor_Aroma-Mod-V4-JB-LS8-LSD-LSE-LSN-LSS-LSW-updater-script.pdf
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  • 2-AllAPKsInData_Sec_Data-Biftor-Aroma-Mod-V4-JB-LS8-LSD-LSE-LSN-LSS-LSW-updater-script-2ndROM-1r.pdf
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Aug 3, 2012
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  • updater-script-Biftor_Aroma-Mod-V5-JB-LS8-LSD-LSE-LSN-LSS-LSW-For2ndRomONLY.txt
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Aug 11, 2012
hi Troubadour666
Thanks again for your help u open my eyes to 2 things dual boot and dori kernel
I wish to ask 2 things, i watch your correspond with dori is it mean se going to have new kernel fiture for making one backup,
if i want to chang my 2rom did the script that u pass me are valid for any 4.1.2 rom
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Aug 3, 2012
43.7031 - 7.2661
The scripts that u pass me are in page 17 #162 they were for rom base LSD,
can i used them for rom base LSS as well

No you cant !
for each rom you will find with a managed preload folder inside and you want in 2nd rom, UPDATER-SCRIPT you will mod ! even same base :)
imagine you use @bifor updater-script on NeatRom from @_Sale_ :) , its simply not possible.

give me link for lss you want, or attach here updater-script from rom.

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Aug 11, 2012

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    Hi all @Biftor ROM dualbooters,
    Only DorimanX 8.43 was added instead of original kernel.

    DualBoot-Biftor™ Rom-V14-JB-XWMS1-No Wipe.zip - 453.78 MB


    Original @Biftor thread : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2026911

    thanks to @GamingDj for this video he made for @Biftor , so you can see the power of the DEV :)

    Hi everybody,

    Here is the story :

    Some 7 days ago, i received a PM from Wiz1152 who told me that he tested one my updater-script provided for 2nd ROM and had success with it.

    He gave a test with an updater-script i touch for use BIFTOR V9 ROM as 2nd ROM.

    As he also has sent his PM to Biftor , he finaly asked us if we can share a thread to show ppl how to have Biftor V9 in 2nd ROM.

    So i prepared this post to tell all ppl interested by a JB sammy 4.1.2 as 2nd rom that they could find here soon all tips, tricks and tweaks i have learnt on XDA to have Biftor V9 rom and also all jb sammy 4.1.2 rom, as a 2nd rom, with the only kernel i know to do this, DorimanX kernel, V8.xx version only.

    Ambitious you can say, but i hope this would help many users to make any JB 4.1.2 ROM they want as their BEST 2nd ROM.

    Before you thank me, thanks all these people, i've learnt by reading their threads and posts.
    (i must say that sometimes, for a better undertanding of what i was doing for my 2nd ROM,
    i had to PM some of them, and i always received a large and efficient detailled response
    from each of them, i encourage you to always ask to DEV what are your troubles)

    Disclaimer : before starting any operation, you have to know that you can damage your phone, use at your own risk !
    before you mix my things , you have to know that you can damage and brick your tel

    For the kernel you will GO here for your dualboot :
    thanks DorimanX

    For the ROMs i extract and mod updater-script here,

    I'm going to use mods from the following dev as demos, and one day,
    you'll try some themes and mods from them, so thank them like me :
    and much others posts from XDA thread....
    Like me, you should learn a lot with the NeatRom Family Members from this INCREDIBLE NEATROM FULL & LITE ROM THREAD

    In this thread, i will never provide a link with an updater-script that will flash a kernel or a modem.
    My modded updater-script doesn't work well if you flash a modded for 2nd ROM JB sammy 4.1.2 ROM on 1rst position ROM too.
    The only one kernel i talk to you about in this thread is DORIMANX KERNEL all V8.xx releases. It's saying in XDA
    that there is no BEST KERNEL for I9100 (and other tel), as we know too, there is no BEST ROM , but DorimanX V8.xx
    all releases are the only one i can use to have my dualboot safe, so for me, it is the BEST KERNEL i use :)

    expect all image are not too big for viewing, so works in progress, available very soon.
    Preambule and Summary of this thread

    I make this thread myself to show ppl my method to port all JB SAMMY 4.1.2 ROM
    (MS1, LSE, LS8, LSJ, LSD, LSN, LSS and LSW) on 2nd ROM while having an AOSP 4.2.2 ROM at 1rst position.

    You're always reading that it's impossible to dualboot jb sammy 4.1.2 roms,
    and in fact, yes, it's impossible if we flash this type of ROM on our 2nd
    rom as we usualy do it before JB SAMMY 4.1.2 ROM are outed with a permitted
    kernel to do dualboot.

    Samsung provide us JB 4.1.2 BIGs versions ROMs with so many bloatwares than ICS version before,
    and for that they are obliged to add an extended partition named \PRELOAD\ to put all of them in.

    So, as a stock kernel doesn't manage 2nd rom, we have to find a custom kernel to do this,
    and we have to manage this \PRELOAD\ partition too, to flash rom in 2nd ROM.

    I give you here all my learning from over XDA threads since 4 months of dualbooting JB SAMMY 4.1.2 ROMs.

    All you have to know it's that we have to extract apks app files which are in \preload\ folder of a ZIP ROM
    in an another partition when we want to run a JB SAMMY 4.1.2 700Mo BIG ROM as 2nd ROM,
    with DorimanX kernel, 8.xx Version ONLY ! DorimanX kernel ONLY.

    In 2nd ROM usage, DorimanX says us to put \preload\ folder content of a ZIP ROM in \DATA\ partition ,
    exactly in \data\sec_data\ folder !

    Somes months ago, 1rst version of dualboot have used \data\app\app\ folder as a deported \preload\ folder,
    but this was abandonned, by me for instance, when DorimanX says me to use \data\sec_data\ folder instead
    of \data\app\app\.

    Why do we must need a valid 2nd ROM running ?
    AFAIK, It's interesting to have a "robust" 1st rom like a ROOTBOX ROM and having a 2nd rom
    like a jb 4.1.2 rom can give us totaly managment of all we want to change in our system without flashing
    anything else at all (except kernel, modem and rom), we can theme and mod as we want and just reboot to take changes on.
    With the help of soft like WINSCP i will show in a post below, just make your change and reboot, and finaly enjoy change you're made :)
    (as command line utility, Putty seems to be a good alternative to ADB).

    To enable WINSCP communication between your PC and your TEL, I also explain here how to include somes binaries
    in your future modded ZIP JB 4.1.2 ROM for 2nd ROM, before flashing it, so you'll have an another way to pass some
    command lines without ADB utility , but in a Putty terminal.

    The good questions are :

    How can we port a BIG ROM like 600-700Mo space large systems partitions (system & preload)
    in our I9100 which ROM we want to run as a 2nd ROM with \SYSTEM\ partition about only 500Mo space large?

    how to bypass the use of the \PRELOAD\ partition use when we run the JB 4.1.2 ROM as 2nd ROM ?

    We know that Samsung add many more bloatware than possible in the JB 4.1.2
    Firmware, and because of this addition, they must have to add a new partition they named
    \PRELOAD\ , Samsung has deported many system files in this partition, in the
    \preload\symlink\system\app\ folder.

    As kernel stock doesn't manage directly files in \PRELOAD\ partition sub-folders,
    and kernel stock doesn't know there are many apks in \preload\symlink\system\app\
    to manage, Samsung has symlinked these apks to \SYSTEM\ partition in \system\app\
    with many LNs files in \system\app\ folder.

    Some rare Kernel can dualboot, like DorimanX kernel, and it give us the capabilities to port
    a JB SAMMY 4.1.2 ROM in 2nd ROM by the deporting of all APKs in the \preload\symlink\system\app\
    folder (when 1rst rom installed) to a sub-folder of the 2nd ROM \DATA\ partition,
    named \data\sec_data\ (when ported rom in 2nd rom)

    We can do this because DorimanX kernel v8.xx permit it .

    At this point of dev, you have to know that while runing your 2nd rom as i show you this way,
    your BEST kernel (DorimanX now because you use it now!!) makes the \PRELOAD\ partition
    mounting point as a mirror of the \SYSTEM\ partition mounting point (of 2nd ROM too),
    and now, you went to understand that you can easilly, completely, port your BEST JB SAMMY 4.1.2 ROM
    in 2nd position ROM :)

    When DorimanX boots our 2nd ROM, it do it as if \PRELOAD\ partition doesn't exist, i like to imagine that :)

    An another way of a understanding this is :
    with DorimanX kernel, when we have two roms like i have, and when you run your 4.2.2 1rst ROM like mine
    (or a rootbox rom for sample), you can see your 1rst ROM \SYSTEM\ partition in the folder named \system\,
    but we can see a named \preload\ folder, and you have to know that it's the \SYSTEM\ partition of your 2nd !
    And so, after you have enable and well runing your 2nd ROM, you will be able to make all manipulations you want
    on your system phone as you will never believe and dream it like that.

    Plus, lastest DorimanX V8.xx kernel give us total mounted of 2nd ROM \DATA\ partition while
    we are runing our 4.2.2 1rst rom, in a named \data_sec_rom\ folder ;
    and when we run our new flsehly modded JB 4.1.2 2nd ROM, we can see 1rst ROM \DATA\ partition
    in a named \data_pri_rom\ folder, so, again, imagine all advantages with that, you can manage
    all apks and all folders of the two ROMs installed in your tel.

    You have to know too that when you'are runing 1rst ROM, folder \data_sec_rom\ is the mounted
    point of \sdcard\.secondrom\DATA.IMG file, corresponding of 2nd ROM \DATA\ partition, with
    total access in it.

    This image below shows us what we can do with all folders and partitions of 2nd ROM mounted while
    we were runing our 1rst 4.2.2 ROM.

    And i need between 1 and 5-6 steps to explain here all you have to do to accomplish this :


    You will find in this thread all the needed steps and all the tools for you to put your BEST JB SAMMY 4.1.2
    ROM in 2nd ROM, with DorimanX kernel V8.xx installed.




    3 - What is doing, line by line, an UPDATER-SCRIPT from a JB SAMMY 4.1.2 ROM flashed as 1rst ROM (BIFTOR ROM inside demonstration)

    4 - HOW TO MOD UPDATER-SCRIPT with \PRELOAD\ partition managment folder pushed in \DATA\ partition of a 2nd ROM,(on \data\sec_data\ folder) with two detailled ROMs such as :
    - Biftor ROM and its last addon. (biftor_preload_symlink)
    - NeatROM FULL & LITE portage to 2nd ROM

    5 - Attachments

    6 - How to theme and mod our new BEST 2nd ROM freshly flashed.
    - vrtheme cwm flasher
    - normal cwm mods

    Requirements :

    Tools you will use on your PC :

    - WINRAR (to open, add, suppress all you want in the ZIP)
    some advise with it : please you must let winrar working & repacking well before closing it, if not,
    you can have 'big surprise' with broken zip and remember you have to never create or rename
    a folder in the opened ZIP in winrar, by winrar menu choice, you must have just to delete a
    folder instead of renaming it, and just re-drag it from you PC. be carrefull of this)

    - Notepad ++ (you can use this simply guide i made to perform your use)

    - WINSCP software (instead of ADB command lines, i use WINSCP to access my
    tel folders and partitions by WIFI, i use droidsshd.apk app in tel to enable telnet access
    (in WINSCP STAGE we can see all detail to enable this way of access )

    - Initial JB SAMMY 4.1.2 ROM from DEV you want to use in 2nd ROM

    - in this repos of samples i make : https://mega.co.nz/#F!6tQRBZCY!Fg0i0WNN00s4DznvVOuP5g, one of my
    updater-script i modded for some lastest lsw 4.1.2 roms i found on i9100'xda thread.
    (i expect after reading this thread, you can mod youself your BEST ROM for 2nd ROM)

    - if you want to VRTHEME or MOD your new freshly 2nd ROM, take my toolpack here

    On your TEL, runing a custom rom AOSP, AOKP CM in 1rst rom, in an external SD folder, you have put :

    - Dorimanx V8.xx lastest kernel ZIP

    - The ROM with my updater-script added as replacement of original

    - insure you have a space for the 2nd rom created as the method below in the KERNEL step.
    some modded updater-script and others tools to mod and theme your BEST 2nd ROM

    General Attachments :

    all file i provide have to be renamed, without ".pdf" at their end, there are txt files.

    Biftor™ Rom-V9-JB- XWLSS-No Wipe
    you will find here 2 versions of Biftor ROM V9 updater-script that you can use to have his great rom in 2nd ROM: just download what you want and rename it as the blue colored caracters.

    VERSION A : For2ndRomONLY-BIFTORV9-updater-script-without-external-symlink-script.pdf"

    VERSION B :For2ndRomONLY-BIFTORV9-updater-script-with-called-external-symlink-script.pdf + biftor_symlink_preload.pdf (drag it in your modded ZIP ROM opened with WINRAR in \Biftor\ folder, if you use this updater-script.

    A litle gift : 2ndRomONLY-updater-script-Biftor™ Aroma-Mod-V2-JB-LS8-LSD-LSE-LSN-LSS-LSW.pdf

    XWLSW NeatRom Full & XWLSW NeatROM Lite v4.8


    WanamLite JB LSW V14.6



    universal symlink_preload_for_2nd_rom_only.pdf to rename to symlink_preload and replace in ZIP ROM for 2nd ROM usage.

    Winscp-Pack.zip to flash (see post 3)
    Winscp-Pack.rar to uncompress and drag in ZIP ROM (see post 3)

    CWM_symlinker_data-data_sec_to_system_app - For2ndRomONLY.zip (to recreate symlinks of apks from \data\sec_data to \system\app\ folder)

    CWM_VRTHEMER - For2ndRomONLY.zip to make your own vrtheme_mod file for your new 2nd rom.
    Binaries addons to enable WINSCP communications STEP

    One day i ask myself how to bypass myself from adb command line.

    I remember as an old Ipod user i'm that i can have access to its system partition with the use of winscp soft.

    i try to find by myself the necessary binaries, and i find them .
    i make myself an winscp-pack.rar or CWM-winscp-pack.zip to easily install it when i flash a rom, also this pack could be copied
    in our new modded 2nd ROM structure before we flash it.
    After that step, which can make communicate winscp installed on your PC with your i9100 system, on your personnal network.

    Here, we can see how to put my winscp-pack.rar in our \system\ partition , by copying structure folder winscp-pack in external sdcard and
    then with rootexplorer (or such a same tool) , we copy all folders form sdcard we have just talk to \system\ partition folders. we verify rights and change them if there are not good and we reboot.





    you will find in some posts below WINSCP-PACK.rar (delete .pdf at end of WINSCP-PACK.rar.pdf) and CWM-winscp-pack.zip to flash.
    use the first if you want put it manually in your future modded ZIP ROM 2nd ROM or on your phone like i describe you.

    Now that we have the necessaries binaries installed on our system, we must have an application to enable SCP communication .

    I found over the net an APK soft, Droidsshd.apk (https://code.google.com/p/droidsshd/)
    i download APK from there, put it on my external sdcard and install it like normal apk by launching it using Rootexplorer.
    result : it gives me a new installed APKs in \data\app\ named

    below, a little video to show how to set-up droidsshd.apk V0.5 options.

    On your PC, once you have installed WINSCP download before, you have to set WINSCP options like this :

    I specialized myself with dual-boot but i think this WINSCP-PACK could be integrated in ALL S2 JB SAMMY 4.1.2 ROMS, 1rst or 2nd position flashing.

    I think that when you will have enable WINSCP to access on your phone like me , your understanding of your
    system phone will change and so you will quickly learn more and more about your system phone , like i do it my friend !

    This large confused image (my 1rst SHOOT) below resumes to you how you can integrate my winscp toolpack in your rooted tel or rom'zip

    Here, an image shows you how you can fix and manage rights on files while runing WINSCP interface .


    what we can do when WINSCP and TEL are communicating?
    You can manage the entire system of your phone, in an explorer interface.
    You can theme and add mods in your 2nd rom without flashig anything else (except vrtheme.zip files)


    One day, i ask DorimanX how to mount the data partition from 2nd rom while runing 1rst rom,
    he send me this 1rst response :

    all you do for adapt JB SAMMY to sec ROM is only your things, i am not interested.
    about mounting the sec rom data!
    i have added auto mount to kernel script!
    so in next kernel it's will be by auto from now.
    if you want to test now.
    then do this!
    using adb as su
    this will show you all used LOOP devices.
    see one that free (missing number)
    then do this
    mkdir /data_sec_rom;
    chmod 777 /data_sec_rom;
    losetup /dev/block/loop4 /sdcard/.secondrom/data.img;
    mount -t ext4 /dev/block/loop4 /data_sec_rom;
    ls -la /data_sec_rom;
    i have used loop4 but if you see it already used then use other number!
    then just go to /data_sec_rom;
    and all files there
    have fun.


    One another day, i ask DorimanX how to mount 1rst ROM \SYSTEM\ partition while i'm running my 2nd rom,
    (dont forget that in 2nd rom, preload = system , so where is the mounted 1rst rom \SYSTEM\ partition ?)
    so his response was :

    not mounted.
    but exist
    mkdir /temp_system
    chmod -R 777 /temp_system
    mount -t ext4 /dev/block/mmcblk0p9 /temp_system
    then you get system of PRI rom in folder /temp_system


    With this last sequence command lines, we have all systems partition mounted while we run our second rom, that's great, no ?
    Updater-script Analyse

    Here we can find the most important part of this thread !

    For a flash in 2nd position, we have to understand how updater-script runs its lines when we flash a JB 4.1.2 ROM as a unique 1rst ROM.

    1rst, in many XDA threads and on other forums, you must know that you will find many ROMs, with full wipe or not. Dont care about it now, my purpose is to use 2nd rom as tests roms so it's not necessary to keep some line in modded updater-script, like formating partition or wiping, we can manage this ourselves , no? And because of winscp access , we can do what we want too.

    lines like :
    - formating system or data partition, we can manage them.
    - flashing kernel, kernel has been already flashed before, dorimanx v8.xx lastest.
    - flashing modem, modem of 1rst rom already exist and is i think it's fine

    2nd, and see below, this is a list of tasks executed by an original updater-script : (on 1rst rom usage)

    - presentation rom and dev
    - unmount some partitions
    - formatting \system\ and \preload\ partitions sometimes, without mounting them
    - wiping data lines
    - re-mounting system and preload partitions
    - extracting zip \data folder if exist in zip rom, on data partition mounted before
    - extracting zip \system folder to system partiton mounted before
    - extracting zip \preload folder to preload partition mounted before
    - installing busybox lines
    - symlinking system binaries
    - symlinking apks from preload partition to system partition
    - the fix of the effective rights on new system partition flashed
    - the EFS backuping
    - flashing kernel lines
    - flashing modem lines
    - unmounting partitions lines
    - "say thanks dev" lines

    it's saying that BIFTOR ROM is a rom that ppl want to have as their 2nd ROM,
    so i take its updater-script for my purpose of demonstration :

    Here, images with detailled blocks lines of BIFTOR V9 updater-script :





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