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How to recover data when display and touch is not working.

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New member
Dec 30, 2015
I am new to this forum , and I am stuck with all my data locked in the device. The data is very important to me. my device's screen suddenly turned blue and touch is also not responding.
Service centre people said that the touch and display is fine the problem is with motherboard so they will replace it and all my data will be deleted and I have very important data in my phone.

Usb debugging is on in my phone but I haven't authorized in pc/laptop therefore when I run adb command it shows me device but with "unauthorized" tag. Stock recovery mode does not support all adb commands like push pull.

Is there a way to recover my data? Any custom recovery method without need of touch screen. Also which does not violate my warranty as my phone is under warranty and I need my motherboard replaced?

Please guys

P.s : my phone connects to my home wifi network and receiving Calls and messages.