How to recover Samsung Galaxy A6 with System wipped by TWRP?

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Jun 23, 2021
First I want to say I'm an idiot :) and I am super new to this world!

My phone is SM-A600G

Yesterday I downloaded an unofficial port of Teamwin for Galaxy A6 from this forum and flash it to my phone using Odin3. It worked and the phone booted to TWRP. Then I clicked the Wipe button and by mistake I did wipe the system. I clicked to Reboot and it said "No OS found!". I have tried to download the stock ROM, extract it and flash using ODIN -> fail (I did reboot to Download mode). Try the zip with Teamwin -> fail. Try with adb sideload -> fail. Try with fastboot -> fail. The only thing I successfully flashed is the TWRP!

So any opinion how can I recover my phone (reinstall stock ROM)? Just don't care about the data inside.

Thanks for any help! Hope I went to the right place :)