How To Remove FRP Lock on Sprint AQT100 Slate Tablet

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Aug 1, 2007
After 2 whole weeks of trying to remove the FRP on this tab I figured Id post how I did it because there is literally nothing on the internet.

How To Remove FRP Lock on Sprint AQT100

Firmware Version 5.1.1 - NKJ.

1. Remove Sim From Device
2. Power On the Device and Follow all the prompts (mainly to connect WiFi)
3. Once you get to the sign in screen hit power button to turn off the screen
4. you should now have a lockscreen with a camera icon
5. launch the camera app take a photo and click on the new photo you just took
6. You you see a share icon click it and share it to the maps app
7. once maps opens accept all the dialog boxes might need to repeat step 6 until you get to the full maps app
8. once maps actually opens and it asks for you to add an account and you see the photo your trying to share just cancel the share
and hit the back arrow on the maps app to bring to you to the main maps app hit the menu button and click settings for the maps app
9. click on terms and privacy in the settings of the maps app then click on terms which should be the first item
10. scroll down a bit and hold the screen to select some text and upto click websearch once websearch opens delete what ever text is in the webseach and start typing settings
you will see the settings app in pop up in the search and just click it that you get settings open first go to security and enable unknown sources
12. now navigate to apps under settings and click the 3 dot menu up on the top right and select protected apps
13. locate chrome and click it it will now give you a lauch icon which you can now launch a full version of chrome
14. Once your able to launch chrome you can direct download -> Google Account Manager 5.1.1 and QuickShortCutMaker and follow the rest of the tutorials on google.

Not sure if i could provide links on here so I didn't I guess if you need more help post up and we can take it to DM for more assistance!


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Mar 8, 2019

I made it all the way to downloading the apps and I can't figure out how to get some of the apps to download I need guidance to the rest of the process if you wouldn't mind sir