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How to remove the headset icon on the top menu

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Jul 22, 2008
Hi there does anyone know how I can remove the headset icon on the top menu, since I cannot hear the other person while in a call, but they can hear me well. But if i use my headset that came with the phone, then i can hear the other person, how would i disable or turn this off? or does anyone know if that is the reason why I cannot hear the other person.


Jan 13, 2016
Hi, i got this problem too. Have you managed to solve it? If yes, can you show me? Thanks.

Two ways to solve it:
Sometimes it is caused by a piece of dirt stuck in the jack. Try this:
1. Turn off your phone and clean the jack with a cotton sipped in alcohol.
2. Use canned air spray and blow the jack a couple of times.
Sometimes is a malfunction. So try this:
1.Download Sound About from the Play Store(free version will do) and set it like this:
On without status( not to be annoyed by notifications)
Media audio/Speakers
Phone call/ Earpiece
Connectable devices/Wired Headset/Uncheck Plugin (to remove the headset icon)
2.Download tooglehead. There is a link here on XDA. It is a widget so after downloading it you have to go to widgets on your home screen, hold and drag it. It will make it open. Check the two boxes and restart.