[How To] Retrieve MSL CDMA Workshop Method


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Mar 24, 2008
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Update 9/14/10 -- There is an app in the market called MSL Reader that successfully found my MSL. It does require root access, my method will still work for phones that are not rooted. Thanks flexgrip for pointing this out, and mmastrac for the hard work developing the app.

Since the other method using aLogCat doesn't seem to work for everyone, this is a more consistent method.

Please be very careful with CDMA Workshop. I am not responsible for your curiosity, or stupidity!

I have included screenshots for installing the drivers on Windows 7 x64. This seems to be a little different for most users, so I hope this helps. Windows XP should be pretty similar to below. You can enter Device Manager the same way. Some of the prompts will be slightly different, but at the end most of the same dialogs will appear.

CDMA Workshop - http://www.cdma-ware.com/workshop.html
The Demo version will be able to retrieve the MSL.

HTC Diag Drivers - http://www.techwerkz.com/evo/HTCDiagDrivers.zip
I have compiled this zip which includes both x86 (32 bit), and x64 (64 bit) drivers for HTC diagnostics. I have successfully tested the x64 drivers on Windows 7, and all works without issue.

The Fun Part
Step 1 - Dial ##DIAG# (##3424#) on your phone.

Step 2 - Connect the phone to the computer via the USB cable. When prompted to install the drivers use the drivers from the ZIP provided above.

Windows will probably not be able to find the drivers:

You will need to manually install the drivers from Device Manager. Quickest way to get there is to press the Windows Key + R to open the Run dialog. Type in devmgmt.msc:

Once Device Manager is open you will see it cannot find the HTC Diag driver :(:

Right click on HTC Diag, and go to Update Driver. You will be prompted with the following, choose Browse my Computer. Then choose Let me Pick. Click Next. Click Have Disk. Browse to the drivers you downloaded, and choose the proper INF file. Click Next. Then finally Yes, if prompted :eek::

If all went well you will see it installing the driver. Then finally let you know it was successfully installed!

Step 3 - Run CDMA Workshop you downloaded earlier.

Once CDMA Workshop is open click the word Port found on the right:

You will be given the options to select the correct COM port (Please note the demo version will only go to COM6. If you have an issue with this please Google how to change the COM port to something not in use.):

Once the correct COM port is selected click Connect:

Head over to the Security tab and click Read under the SPC / User Lock section:

If all has gone well you will be given your MSL code! It is the 6 digit number listed after pressing Read. Great Success! :D

The following sections should prompt for your MSL code. Enter what you have retrieved to find out if it is in fact the correct MSL code.

##data# (##3282#)
##vocoder# (##8626337#)

If you followed the steps correctly, the code should work.

Hope this helps everyone with finding their MSL when Sprint will not give it to you. Again, I am not responsible for what you do with this information. This is a use at your own risk method!
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Mar 24, 2008
Fort Myers, FL
I just call Sprint and get it from them, they have it to me without asking....

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Not everyone was having the same luck. There are other ways to get your MSL. My corporate account rep gives me mine on all my phones when I ask. However, this is a method that will work for the masses, and not rely on customer service feeling giving or not.


Oct 16, 2009
Why not chat up sprint and ASK for the MSL... thats what I did... and they just gave it to me... same with my HTC Hero... they just gave it to me if you ask nicely.



May 4, 2010
great info. thanks a lot for this.
although EYE am havin a problem, i have a moto Q9c (sprint) and it isnt showing up on CDMA wrk.

i have activesync going and it connects fine to the phone.
i cannot even find the darn thing in device mang...

any ideas?


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Jan 5, 2007
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Here's a surefire way to get Sprint to give you the MSL with one phone call... Tell them you keep getting error 1012 whenever you try to use data or update the profile. They'll walk you through fixing the "error", and they have to give you the MSL in the process. Works every single time without fail!